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Novisto is a platform that helps companies carry out their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) efficiently. The platform is quite comprehensive and features many sophisticated options like AI-driven analytics, reporting, and security. 

Such an impressive set of features naturally required lots of JavaScript (JS) coding on the back and front end sides. 

Our clients typically approach us when they lack software development resources. But the issue Novisto had wasn’t that much about software development capabilities; on the contrary, they were pretty happy with the current development team that they had. So Novisto requested something different that Talmatic would generally do. 


The main issue Novisto stumbled across was the lack of leadership. Talmatic had to hire someone who’s not only a JS professional but also has strong mentorship skills. 

  1. Profound JavaScript skills. Talmatic was explicitly looking at solid JS skills, including Angular, Node.JS, and Nest.JS.
  2. Mentorship experience. Being a good developer doesn’t necessarily imply good mentorship skills. Communication skills, empathy, and the ability to think reflectively were paramount.
  3. Leadership skills. Considering the given requirements, Talmatic was also looking for someone who’s a natural leader. More importantly, we were looking for someone willing to take extra responsibility.

“Many thanks to Talmatic for hiring Viacheslav. He is a perfect addition to our development team, definitely someone to look up to. We really appreciate his ability to motivate and mentor our team, which allows for the congruous performance of all team members.”

Marian Borca, Chief Technology Officer @ Novisto, Canada
Hire devs from Ukraine

Value delivered

In the beginning, Novisto’s had some issues with smooth teamwork, and that’s the reason they reached out to Talmatic in the first place. Here are the results of this fruitful partnership.

1. Dream team

During a three-month collaboration, the team managed to become a whole. The team’s performance substantially increased with fewer roadblocks on the way.

2. Quality delivery

The effective teamwork resulted in effective delivery, allowing for more frequent product update releases. The release cycles have become shorter with the increased quality of code provided.

Why Talmatic?

The value of the team doesn’t necessarily come from only some particular individuals. It’s instead of the combined strengths of all members that make the team function successfully. Talmatic doesn’t just hire developers on your behalf – it provides a solution to your challenge. In this particular case, we were delighted to help Novisto’s in-house team operate productively.



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Co-founder & CEO
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