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How Much Does It Cost to Hire an IT Consultant.

By George Fironov

So you need to hire an IT consultant. What skills should you look for, how much should you pay, and what results can you expect? Working with IT consultants can be tricky. It’s kind of a grey area where, if you’re not careful, you might encounter a cunning consultant who will drain your budget dry […]

Frontend Developer vs UI Developer

How to Differ Frontend Developer from UI Developer?

By George Fironov

How do you know for sure whether you need to hire a Front-end Developer, or a UI Developer? The answer isn’t always easy. Front-end and UI are similar – but not identical. It’s hard to keep up with all that’s going on in the software market. There’s a lot of changing terminology. New things pop-up […]


Investigating Average Full Stack Developer Salaries – Do They Even Matter?

By George Fironov

We often get asked about the average full stack developer salary in different European countries. It’s a tricky question to answer, so this time we’re taking an in-depth look at this issue. Consider this: a Ukrainian developer living in Poland, working for a high-profile company based in Dublin, Ireland, and earning twice the average salary […]


Is Full Stack the same as MEAN Stack?

By George Fironov

What does Full Stack mean, and how is it different from MEAN Stack? Why are technology stacks important? Find out in this short guide for non-developers. If you’re hiring developers, or cooperating with them in your job, communication is easier when you understand what they can and cannot do.   ❓Technology Stack❓ It’s a list […]


Hire Locally or Remotely? Short guide for project managers.

By George Fironov

  Have you considered adding remote developers to your team yet? If not, it’s time to at least start thinking about it – the market for remote jobs is growing at a fast pace. Last year one of the most popular social media companies, Buffer, surveyed almost 2,000 workers and entrepreneurs for their State of […]


How much does it cost to hire remote software developers?

By George Fironov

Remote work – you’ve heard about it, you’ve probably hired a freelancer before, but I bet you still believe the best way to hire people is in-house. There’s a small chance that you’re right – if you don’t know how to source remote candidates, or how to manage remote developers, then your best choice might […]


How to benefit from hiring remote developers

By George Fironov

While it may be a tricky transition, it’s becoming increasingly necessary for companies to adopt remote hiring as the new standard. But the transition is worth it, because both your team members and your bottom-line can benefit in the long-term. The IT industry stands in the center of progress by constantly empowering us with better […]


Best ideas on how to hire developers in Dublin

By George Fironov

If you’re looking to hire talented people, Dublin is one of the best places to do so. But local economy has evolved so much that the best people are hired in the blink of an eye, so more businesses are looking beyond the Irish border to find the right developers. Finding the right developer is […]

Remote Ukrainian Software Developers

Should You Hire Remote Ukrainian Software Developers? [Advantages & Disadvantages]

By George Fironov

Remote development is booming in the IT industry. There are valid reasons for managers to consider Ukraine when they need to hire remote software developers. Why is Ukraine special? Anyone who has tried hiring remote software developers knows that this market is a mixed bag. But as if finding developers weren’t hard enough, now you […]


How to Hire Remote Developers [Frequently Asked Questions]

By George Fironov

Over the past 10 years or more, global economy has been changing. The term “gig economy” was born. It means that companies around the world are hiring less full-time, in-house employees, and instead relying on freelancers and remote workers. This has created new challenges for employers. Since employees are no longer in one place, managers […]

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