Technical Insights


Developing Smart Contracts – what does it mean, and how is it done?

By George Fironov

There are a lot of convoluted articles online that fail to provide a short & sweet explanation to what blockchain and smart contracts are. Instead, authors often seem to think that they need to make this topic seem more complex than it is. In this article, I want to give you an understanding of what […]


PHP vs Ruby – which developers are more in demand?

By George Fironov

Have you heard the legend of Ruby-istan, PHP-istan, and Arrogant-Programmer-istan? One of the most interesting and honest places on the internet is Reddit. While browsing threads to find material for this article, I stumbled upon an interesting legend.  Legends are rarely the stuff of articles about software development, but this one very elegantly sums up […]

Best Frameworks to Know for Every Professional Python Developer

What are the Most Important Frameworks for Python?

By George Fironov

Universal, fast, easy to learn, open-source – Python is many things. The first version was released in 1991. It was initially created as a competitor of the ABC programming language, and successor of Perl for writing scripts. It came with exciting features which ABC didn’t have, such as exception handling. And it was named after […]

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