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Tech Lead Senior .NET Developer (back-end)

Most preferable project types: .NET WebAPI (ideally – .NET Core based) back-end with MS Azure hosting and services. Client-server / distributed / cloud systems, desktop standalone (UWP) and 3D graphics applications development;

Architecture design/choosing technologies;

Writing complex algorithms and multithreaded code with high load;

Though not interested in pure native apps development, have good knowledge of Windows API (and C++ in the past) and always take great interest in utilizing OS low-level features when needed;

Talent Story

August 2016 - Present

Tech Lead Senior .NET Developer (back-end)

Technologies: C#/.NET Core/4.6, ASP.NET Core 1.1/2.0, Azure Service Fabric, Azure Active Directory, Azure Web Apps, IdentityServer/OAuth2.0.

June 2015 - December 2015

Senior .NET Developer / .Net Tech Lead

To achieve greater scalability, refactored the whole huge project to do fully asynchronous service requests processing, starting from WebAPI/MVC controllers and ending at MongoDB driver and other storages, refactored much tricky old-style-asynchronous code into async/await based.

Created a data exporter for PostgreSQL database as a target, refactored existing MS SQL Server exporter, refactored and redesigned exporting functionality to make it easily extendable.

November 2013 - March 2015

NET System Architect

Architected from scratch an (desktop WPF) application for calibrating specialized audiological devices. This included creating a hardware communication layer (a proprietary command protocol over USB HID), fully asynchronous (implementing C# async/await pattern);

Architected back-end services for gathering and viewing telemetry events reported by a desktop application, installed at customers offices (hospitals etc.). This, in particular, included a service for users authentication, tenants (subscriptions) management, handling access and security roles. Many practices of Domain Driven Design were applied for separating domain and infrastructure code. Services were designed using REST architectural style, utilizing ASP.NET WebAPI, OWIN/ Katana middleware, Entity Framework, Azure hosting.

Participated in design and refactoring of an application module for working with a specialized video camera for human ear examining;

May 2013 - October 2013

.NET Team Lead Tech Lead

Leading team of 5 developers

Implementing business functionality

Designing product architecture

Writing unit tests

Regular reporting and communication customer on daily basis

Mastering SCRUM (Sprint plannings, retrospectives, stand-ups etc.)

C#/.NET 3.5/4.0 TPL XML/XSLT WCF MS SQL Server
November 2008 - June 2011

.NET Team Lead / Senior Software Engineer

Leading team of 8+ developers

Developing code

Creating cusom WPF controls

Designing product architecture


Writing unit tests

Code review

Regular reporting and communication customer on daily basis


1999 - 2005

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Master's degree, Software for Automated Systems

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