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Inpoi revolutionizes the job market and helps connect employers and job applicants. The platform has quite an extensive set of features, allowing for tracking hiring stages, communicate through the chat, schedule meetings, and a whole lot more. 

Inpoi has over 150,000 searchable vacancies in the UK, New Zealand, and Germany as of 2021.  


inploi is a comprehensive platform that also has mobile-native solutions. As far as their web app is still considered a flagship, many efforts have been put into its development naturally. inploi happened to be looking for a full-stack developer, and time was against them. Talmatic came to lend a helping hand. 

1. Extensive JavaScript (JS) experience

inploi heavily relies on using JS technologies, so they asked for a candidate with exceptional Node and React.js skills. 

2. Backend technology knowledge

Although not essential but highly desirable, knowledge of backend technologies was assumed. Our ideal candidate had to be able to navigate the complex backend landscape of the inploi platform. 

3. The API development skills

The platform with such a rich feature set would naturally employ a wide range of third-party services. Understanding the API technologies (REST & SOAP) was absolutely critical.

We discovered Talmatic at the time when we needed an agency like them the most. They are very proactive, professional, and thoughtful through and through. They were always willing to go the extra mile and meet most of the requirements than just doing a bare minimum. I highly recommend them as a company that you would definitely trust hiring experienced software development professionals

Matthew de la Hey, CEO & Co-founder @ inploi
Matthew de la Hey, CEO & Co-founder @ inploi
Hire devs from Ukraine

Value delivered

Our values can be measured by the overall impact that Talmatic makes on the client’s team performance. Here are a few HR metrics that we’ve improved for inploi.

Quality of hire

This metric defines the percentage of employee feedback provided during the performance reviews. Vitaly, the full-stack developer we hired for inploi, has received exceptionally well reviews. This leads us to the next point. 

90-day quit rate

Most companies measure employee retention during the 90-day (or 360) window. Vitaly has been a part of the inploi team for more than two years.

Perfect match

There’s no shortage of talented developers from Eastern Europe. Although hiring those that match specific client requirements on short notice is not as easy as it seems. Talmatic hired developer, experienced in JS, API development, and backend technologies in almost impossible deadline! 

Why Talmatic 

The numbers pretty much say it all: inploi got the requested development resources right on time and have been extremely happy about the ongoing partnership. The platform’s popularity is gaining momentum, so all the hard work has totally paid off. Talmatic wishes all the best of luck to inploi in their further endeavors.

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