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C# - general purpose programming language created by Microsoft. Object-oriented (with a few additions of functional language features), and flexible thanks to support for more than one fundamental style of programming, primary language to use in the .NET framework.

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C# is a general purpose programming language created by Microsoft. It’s object-oriented (with a few additions of functional language features), and flexible thanks to support for more than one fundamental style of programming.

It is the primary (but not only) language to be used with the .NET framework, and it cannot be used in any other framework.

It is used to build .NET applications like Windows services, web applications, web services, Windows desktop applications, games based on Unity, console applications, REST APIs, and mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows phone.

This programming language is type-safe, versatile and elegant, it combines the functionality of C with Visual Basic, it’s safer than C++, and it can be used to build robust applications. It is statically typed, which makes it particularly useful for large project teams, giving it a big advantage over dynamically typed languages, for instance Ruby.

It is used in various companies, from small startups to huge enterprises. There are many libraries, reusable components, toolsets and frameworks which reduce development time, and it’s easily scalable. However, it definitely isn’t the fastest language for deploying apps within a short time to market.

For a long time C# wasn’t an open-source technology, but in 2014 Microsoft released the .NET framework and Visual Studio development environment to the public, which made C# much more usable.

Microsoft’s support, being one of the world’s largest technology companies, means that improvements and updates happen more often than it is the case with competing programming languages.

C# is one of the most popular languages, with a huge community of developers using it.

What skills should C# developers have?

A good C# developer has to know the .NET framework. Another important thing is understanding of SQL, and experience working with a Relational Database Management system like SQL Server. Great C# developers will also have a deep theoretical and practical understanding of data structures and algorithms.

C# developers should have a deep understanding of object-oriented programming, so knowledge of other object-oriented programming languages (Python, Java) is definitely a good addition. A candidate with primary skills in JavaScript or C, and entry-level knowledge of object oriented programming might not be the best one for the job.

For web development projects, a good C# developer should know the ASP.NET, or ASP.NET MVC framework, as they are powerful tools, comparable to Ruby on Rails, for developing reliable web applications.

For mobile development projects, C# developers should have experience working with the Xamarin framework, which is flexible – it allows sharing code libraries between Android and iOS versions – and comparable to React Native.

Using Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform, is a good match with C# development, so experience with Azure is a good addition when the project requires using this platform.

For developing Windows desktop applications, good C# developers should know the WPF or WinForms framework. In case of games, knowledge of the Unity 3D engine will be an important skill.

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