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SQL - Structured Query Language, fundamental relational database management tool.

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SQL PL/SQL Developer

Strong experience in database development using Oracle, MS SQL Server, Interbase, MySql in the trade and the Telecommunication industry.

Why is SQL important?

The primary use of Structured Query Language (SQL) is communicating with a relational database.

Databases are where your customers’ data is stored, and SQL makes it possible to move it from the database to your application, or website, and the other way around.

A relational database is like a database with a power boost. “Relational” means that the database is divided into interconnected tables, all of them related to others, so that you can access multiple tables at once to generate the desired result.

Thanks to this, instead of holding all data in one place, it is placed in smaller units that are much easier to manage and maintain.

In practice, a relational database stores your data in multiple tables, and you can access any table and data that you need, as long as your app is sending the right SQL queries.

There are two types of queries – ones define data, and others manipulate it. Defining in this context means creating and deleting database structures. Manipulating it means inserting new data, modifying existing data, or deleting data.

Data protection and privacy has never been as important as today, which is one of the reasons why SQL server database developers can make, or break your product. So choose them wisely.

Do you need to hire SQL developer on your team?

Data is becoming the key business ingredient. Companies all over the world are generating more data, and managing that data in an efficient and responsible way is more important than ever.

That’s what database management systems are for – and SQL developers are the ones who build and maintain them.

That’s not to say that other database systems aren’t worth attention (like PostgreSQL or MySQL). However, SQL is the foundation, and most other languages use it, so a good SQL server database developer will be able to adapt to the system that your app or website requires.

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