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React Native - a JavaScript framework for mobile web development, used in an increasing number of projects including Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Uber, or Wix.

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React Native is a JavaScript framework for mobile web development. It started out as one of the projects built at an internal hackathon in Facebook in 2013. The first version of the whole functional framework was released publically in 2015. It is used by Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Uber, Wix, Pinterest, and Skype.

It allows developers to overcome certain architecture design problems, and reach performance levels that can’t be met with native apps written in Objective-C or Java. It’s a cross-platform technology, and it is very friendly for web developers. Thanks to React Native, web developers can make the switch to building mobile apps without having to learn native programming languages for iOS and Android development.

Code written in React Native is reusable across systems, which saves a lot of development time. It is built on top of the React.JS library for web development, and it’s relatively simple, fast, and quite efficient.

The React Native framework solves a critical problem for businesses that couldn’t decide whether to go after the iOS, or Android market – with React Native, companies can pursue both markets while maintaining a cost level similar to building an app for one platform.

Another unique thing about React Native is that it complies JavaScript apps into native code, which enables applications to work without lags, and perform the same way as apps written in native programming languages. Apps can be built quickly with reusable components, and the code is easy to maintain. It goes well with NodeJS, a JavaScript framework for server-side development.

React.JS is a JavaScript library, and requires different tools, for instance a bundler (like Webpack). React Native contains everything necessary for building cross-platform mobile apps written in JavaScript, but running apps requires installing Xcode or Android Studio.

What’s more, React Native works perfectly well with Objective-C, Swift, and Java components. Which is a great addition, as it’s sometimes easier for developers to use native code to optimize various aspects of an application, or build some parts of an app in native code, and others in React Native.

It enables applications to use less memory compared to similar technologies, and provide a smoother usage experience to the users. React Native is highly compatible with various third-party plugins.

It has a component-based structure, which enables react developers to create agile mobile apps with the relative ease of building web apps.

What skills should React Native developers have?

The most necessary skill is experience building web applications with the three fundamental front-end web development technologies – JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Great front-end web developers can quite easily adapt to React Native, so previous experience with mobile web development might not be necessary in case of highly experienced web development masters.

Good candidates should have previous experience in React Native as well as React.JS. An understanding of the Android and iOS platforms, along with app development guidelines (especially critical for iOS apps), is a strong addition to the portfolio.

They should combine a passion for fast, reliable, beautiful User Experience with a strong understanding of front-end architecture. Understanding of back-end architecture can come in handy, too.

Great React Native developers should have experience integrating, and developing REST APIs, using the node package manager (npm, JavaScript package manager and world’s biggest software registry), experience writing unit tests, and solid debugging skills.

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