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Salesforce Developer For Wazo

George Fironov

Wazo is an open-source telecom infrastructure platform that combines everything needed for practical remote work, customer relationships, and business administration. COVID-19 forced many companies to embrace a remote mode, so the demand for Wazo spiked rapidly. Wazo started looking for a way to scale the platform up and realized they needed Salesforce integration to enhance the customer relationship component. 

Wazo came across Talmatic and asked for assistance. Talmatic promised to fulfill an obligation to provide an experienced Salesforce developer within the required timeframe. And so they did!


Finding a good Salesforce developer isn’t as tricky as accessing their skills. Talmatic put candidates to the test, thoroughly checking their experience with the Salesforce platform and related technologies. 

1. Screening round

Talmatic asked candidates to demonstrate their coding skills with MCQ questions at the initial round of interviews. The new Salesforce lightning platform requires significant knowledge of JavaScript while Apex is a dominant Salesforce language, so both are equally important. 

2. Problem-solving skills

The ability to think structurally is just as important as the coding skills. During the second round, the candidates were asked to solve some real-life scenarios using the coding language of their preference (Java or Javascript). 

3. Soft skills

At the final stage, we checked the soft skills of our candidates. As a member of the remote development team, our candidate must be able to work independently and communicate effectively. Specifically, we were paying attention to stress tolerance and English language skills. 


Talmatic is a great outstaffing agency with a pool of reliable and talented tech experts. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to scale up our team with relevant experts meeting our business requirements. Their consultants analyzed all our project requirements and quickly shortlisted the best candidates for our project. Talmatic’s team proved to be experienced professionals, demonstrating a proactive approach. They’re a trustworthy company!

Sylvain Boily Co-founder & CEO @ Wazo, Canada
Sylvain Boily Co-founder & CEO @ Wazo, Canada
Hire devs from Ukraine

Value delivered

It’s common for clients to reach out to Talmatic when they have an issue of a time-critical matter. Talmatic does a lot of pre-screening work on their end, which comes as the utmost value.


          1. Pre-screening

Talmatic implements exclusive interviewing methods for every type of software engineer. Our clients can do an additional check to see whether a candidate is a good fit, resting assured that Talmatic has got them covered with the preliminary screening.

          2. Unique candidate

Every project is unique so, and so are the candidates that we provide. Both soft and technical skills matter a great deal, but so does the seniority of our candidates: hiring over or underqualified candidates wouldn’t work. Combining soft and technical skills and seniority demands a more thorough search and makes Talmatic services even more valuable.

Why Talmatic

Salesforce integration helps to reduce development time significantly, given that you have the right software engineers up for a task. Wazo managed to build a customer relationship module that now provides the ability to handle external and internal communications, build custom workflows, and much more.

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Talmatic is excited to have been part of this project, cover Wazo’s software development needs, and look forward to further cooperation. 

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George Fironov
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