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Those projects that aim to improve human life standards are the most we’re proud of. We gladly share with you our case of Avail Support. Avail Support is a mobile app that assists people with additional needs. People with cognitive disorders that require everyday assistance make slightly more than 2% of our planet’s population. Those people who used to get help from their parents or care workers could now become self-sufficient and less dependent.

A person with similar disorders would struggle to perform something like a simple morning routine. Avail Support helps them to perform a simple sequence of actions and provides 24/7 support. 


The problem that Avail Support faced was the lack of qualified software development talents.

  1. Shared project vision It was important for Avail Support to partner with those who wouldn’t be only good software developers: they were looking for people who would share their values and passion for the project.
  2. Initiative and mature development team in short terms The requirements that Talamatic received from Avail Support also listed that they needed mature enough developers who would be willing to go an extra mile. Delivering a quality code wasn’t good enough: the ideal candidates had to be initiative, suggest improvements, and better ways of doing things.
  3. Frustrating experience with previous vendors Another issue was overcoming the negative perception due to the unpleasant experience, Avail Support had with the other outsourcing partners. That set the bar high in terms of client expectations!
Lisa Marie Clinton

Despite our previous unsuccessful experience with other software houses, we decided to try it again with Talmatic which turned out even better than we had thought. We were impressed with how they attended to every single of our requests; their attention to details is great, and they do actually listen! We highly recommend them as a company that would provide not just a suitable candidate but the best one according to your criteria.

Lisa Marie Clinton, CEO at Avail Support
Lisa Marie Clinton, CEO at Avail Support
Hire devs from Ukraine

Value delivered

  1. Rare skill-set Talmatic hired PHP, Android, and iOS developers as well as a UI/UX designer. Most of the team members worked a limited amount of time upon the successful delivery of their scope of the project. All except one.
  2. Constant Support Talmatic’s PHP developer – Vlad, lingered a bit longer: he became a constant part of the Avail Support development team. Vlad’s skills and knowledge are an invaluable asset for building a web-based application, they are incredibly happy about the ongoing partnership.
  3. A timely solution Avail Support struggled to hire these specialists locally, and time was a critical factor for them. Talmatic was able to get the team working on a project very quickly.

Why Talmatic?

Talmatic is an Irish-based software development company. We have created dozens of remote development teams both for our local and international clients. Solutions that we provide usually include hiring specialists for web and mobile development, quality assurance, UI/UX design, and DevOps. 



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Avail Support is rapidly expanding, with more and more people getting to use this great application. This project is aimed to assist people with special needs, and Talmatic is happy to have been a part of it. We look forward to helping bring more innovative projects like this into reality!

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