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Did you ever have to take care of IT staff augmentation? It’s a really common challenge, and chances are that you are reading this because your team needs to be extended and you want to find a coder.

Usually, at the very beginning of the development process, it is unclear what direction it might take and what is required for a successful delivery. Taking this into account, the initial team often lacks a specialist, for example, remote app developers from Poland or few to get the whole job done.

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Our Staff Augmentation Services Include

With over 3000 developers from 200 vetted development houses. We are not a traditional freelancing platform, so instead of weeks of waiting, we will find you top candidates within 24 hours

During the first week, you can discontinue any further work with the developer with 1 day’s notice. Our team will do our best to replace the candidate in a short term.

You will be invoiced monthly according to the actual hours logged by the developer. You will pay only for the actual working hours.

No hassles and no hidden fees. You will be charged the developer’s hourly or weekly rate (which already includes our platform fee), and that’s it.

Ian McKilligan

Talmatic delivered recruitment assistance for tech specialists. They proved to be excellent communicators, helping us resolve any queries at all stages of our collaboration. We would like to thank Talmatic for their great service and recommend them as reliable recruitment consultants. We are looking forward to our continued cooperation with them.

Ian McKilligan
Up and Running Software | CEO
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Unique Model and Approach

Extensive Expertise and Experience
Budget-Saving Solution

One of the main reasons to work with Talmatic is the unique model that lets us provide the most qualified developers at affordable rates. Our process lets you save money not only on salary rates but also on taxes and operational costs. This way, it is possible to reduce software development cost up to 60% (depends on project details and your location). Staff augmentation and team extension do not have to be expensive and time-consuming!

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We Share and Respect Your Values

Talmatic is only interested in mutual success, so we take into account every detail we get from you. Our programmers are eager to work on your project and we do everything it takes to achieve the goals you set. We are ready to help you grow your business and our main idea is to provide you with any human resources you might need for that. Work with us to find out how easy it is to scale up your team with amazing specialists.

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Efficient Mobile Resources

Working with a remote workforce has been growing in popularity for years now. Talmatic has been working with remote developers for more than a decade so we know for sure how to organize such collaboration in the most convenient and effective way.

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Unique Approach

With our approach, your remote resources feel like in-house ones. This is also how we will help you fight the tech talent gap. Struggle to find and hire an expert programmer locally? We might already have one available. Moreover, programming is one of the most popular fields where remote work has become the norm.

Regular Workflow

Step-by-Step Description of Our Services

Even though our recruitment times are much faster than usual, we take our time to make sure everything has been done properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to hire remote software developers but have a few questions unanswered? We are sharing our list of frequently asked questions by our clients when hiring software developers.

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We can extend your team with as many new members as you need. Plus, we can even build a completely new team from scratch if that’s what you need. Whether it’s one coder, a developer, a software architect, or even a whole dedicated team  – we’ll set you up with your new remote employees and we’ll make it work smoothly.

It is efficient in every way. Your new team members will be integrated into your team seamlessly. We’ll make sure the communication and team management is on the highest level as well. We have been doing this for years, and we know how to make your existing team and new remote employees work together in synergy.

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Want To Know How
The Pricing Works?

We are providing affordable prices. To learn more about clearly cost for your team, sent us requirements and we will prepare the best solution for your business with no hidden taxes and fees.

Here You Can See What We Cover:

Our team will support you with technical tasks as well as with back-office processes, from custom recruitment to retention


Pricing Works

Transparent and Predictable.

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In Total - best price

Here You Can See What We Cover:

Our team will support you with technical tasks as well as with back-office processes, from custom recruitment to retention


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  • Icon Office management
  • Icon Hardware
  • Icon Accountants
  • Icon Additional security
  • Icon Payrolls and Taxes
  • Icon Legal support
  • Icon Corporate events
  • Icon Medical insurance
  • Icon Guest workplace

Back-office Processes

  • Icon Custom Recruiting
  • Icon HR Management
  • Icon Onboarding
  • Icon Retention
  • Icon Employment benefits

Hire Available

It doesn’t matter what your project requires- we’ve got you covered in any of the most popular technologies today.

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Alexey S.

Senior angular developer | 10 years of experience

Quick-learning frontend developer with a good understanding of all phases of the web development life cycle. Experienced in design and development of web applications. Dedicated to staying current with new technologie...
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Dmitry Z.

Angular developer | 5 years of experience

Strong knowledge in the IT field. Able to create high quality websites, mobile and TV cross platform applications using the latest development tools and frameworks.Professional oriented on result with leadership and c...
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Vladimir G.

Senior PHP developer | 6 years of experience

Technical background education, advanced Linux user. Knowledge of modern frameworks such as Symfony, Yii, Laravel (prefer Symfony). Experience in client-server application development, microservices. Experience in we...
Download cv
Viktor P.

Senior Java developer | 11 years of experience

Over the last 11 years I have developed a number of projects using J2SE, J2EE, Spring MVC, JPA (Hibernate), Mybatis,EJB, GWT, JSF, JDBC. My core competency lies in development web, client-server and other applications...
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Sergey B.

Senior Java developer | 9 years of experience

Over the last 9 years I have developed a number of projects using J2SE, J2EE, Spring MVC, JPA (Hibernate), Mybatis, EJB, GWT, Android SDK, JDBC. My core competency lies in development web, client-server and other appl...
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George Fironov
Co-founder & CEO
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