Modern Fintech Software Solutions and Development

One of the most critical features of any fintech solution is safety. That’s why it’s important to choose the right architecture of your software and pick the right technology bundle. Also, it’s important to find a skilled and experienced specialist that has the required knowledge to come up with the right solution and handle the development process. Talmatic is hiring fintech software development teams offshore in Eastern Europe. We can provide you with the right developer or organize an offshore development center according to your project requirements. Go with offshore fintech development to avoid time-consuming recruitment and benefit from our cost-effective hiring model.

Available Fintech Software Development

Create a Digital Banking Solution for Your Business

Online presence is very important for modern business. In such a way you can not only widen your client base but also reduce your expenses on real estate and so on. Basically, it’s almost the same as traditional baking but the main functionalities can be accessed with the help of smart devices. In such a way your clients are able to receive or make payments online, get customer support via an app or a website, and much more. It’s a very appealing feature these days and a lot of innovative banks outline their digital presence as their biggest advantage.

Payment Gateways and Digital Wallets

One of the most convenient innovations in the fintech industry is digital wallets. Online retail and eCommerce businesses had to come up with some kind of payment methods and digital wallets together with payment gateways turned out to be very convenient and popular due to relatively low fees and improved security. We can see that these days any online store or service can be accessed and paid for via the web. You can also integrate multiple payment systems in order to improve user experience by providing a wide range of possible ways to pay for the product or service.

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Online Trading

Blockchain is a relatively new technology but it has changed the world and the financial industry significantly. There are multiple cryptocurrencies and online trading platforms and a lot of major countries are using blockchain on a government level. You can create your own cryptocurrency, mine an existing one, integrate modern payment gateways to let your customers use cryptocurrency to pay for goods or services. Actually, there are multiple ways to use blockchain to create an innovative fintech solution including safe data storage and transition and currency exchange.

Custom Fintech Development Done Offshore

We have listed several fintech solutions but their number is outstanding. No matter what kind of solution you are looking to implement, you would need professional IT specialists to handle the development part. Instead of offering fintech development, we offer IT staffing services. Basically, we find and hire the right tech talent for your project and organize everything so you could finish your project successfully. With us, you can hire a fintech business analyst or handle your fintech app development. Don’t waste your time finding fintech developers locally, hire them offshore with Talmatic and get things going right away.

Case Study

Lisa Marie Clinton

Ukrainian Developers For “Avail Support”| co-founder

“Talmatic is our reliable partner, capable of quickly providing the right specialists based on our business needs and requirements. We are more than happy with their service, flexibility, and efficiency. Therefore, we highly recommend the Talmatic team in case you want to hire development team or get assistance with IT staff augmentation.”

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Offshore Fintech Development Advantages

Top-Notch Tech Talent From Eastern Europe

We hire designers, developers, software architects, and software engineers in countries with booming IT industries like Ukraine or Belarus. Thanks to our beneficial location, we have access to an outstanding tech talent pool. Our recruitment team has enough connections to satisfy even the most demanding hiring needs. We can gather up a team of skilled and experienced IT specialists to handle the development of your fintech project. With us, you can hire a fintech web developer or any other expert much faster than usual. Also, our developers are well-known for the high quality of their work and skills.

Lower the Cost of Your Fintech Development

Once again thanks to our beneficial location, we have the ability to provide companies with top-notch IT specialists at affordable rates. You should take into account your location to get a better idea of how much you would be able to save on salary rates. Additionally, our clients can save on taxes and operational costs. Usually, it’s possible to reduce the cost of a fintech development project by up to 60%. While you get to work with high-quality specialists at relatively low rates, you save your budget without losing quality which is most definitely the biggest advantage of offshore development.

Unique Approach To Technical Recruitment

Technical recruitment is a complicated process and it’s almost impossible to acquire the right IT specialists without a decent recruitment team and qualified tech experts. The last ones are required to conduct technical interviews in order to actually vet the skills of applicants. Moreover, you might be facing a local tech talent shortage and other issues that make it even harder to hire skilled or experienced programmers. Meanwhile, Talmatic has everything it takes to satisfy your technical hiring needs. We work with professionals only and we’ll take every requirement you have seriously because our goal is to provide you with only the right candidates for the job.

Flexible and Reliable Offshore Development

You can hire our experts on a contract basis for a part-time or a full-time job position. We can create a perfect web development team structure for a fintech company because aside from the fact that we provide you with required IT specialties, we also handle most of the backstage activities for you. This means we help to organize the onboarding process, set up an efficient workflow and productive communication. We also have team buildings, online meetings, corporate parties, and other HR activities. Everything is taken into account to let you enjoy the ease of management and achieve stunning results.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to make your hiring easy and painless! Our dedicated hiring consultants and engagement managers will support you throughout the whole hiring process

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It’s a very common question but, unfortunately, it’s impossible to answer it without any information about the requirements of your app development project. If you want to get a detailed reply, send us your project details and we will be able to provide you with a quote.

We have experienced and skilled mobile app developers and we also have blockchain developers. Thus, the answer is yes because we can set you up with a team of experts required to build any fintech app. Still, we would need to have a clear understanding of your app development project to know what kind of specialist you need to build the app.

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