Frequently Asked Questions

Have any question about Talmatic? We prepeared a list of frequently asked questions. Need more information or have some specific request – don’t hesitate and contact us

Talmatic allows you to hire pre-vetted, top-class software developers as part of your team. Our developers work for dev shops and are usually not available for hire as individual specialists. Whether you want to add a resource to your existing engineering team or assemble a senior-level development team of almost any skillset from scratch, we can help you find the best developer for the job. Need a top-class developer? Start a search now

With over 3000 developers from 200 vetted development houses, Talmatic find software developers previously inaccessible on the market. Unlike traditional freelancing platforms where you have to spend weeks filtering out unqualified developers, Talmatic presents top candidates within 24 hours, to make sure you hire only the best. We also assign a dedicated hiring consultant to facilitate each engagement to ensure its success.

Our engineers are not freelancers, which means they are dedicated to your project only, their work is managed, their skills are verified, their workplace is well organised, salary and social package are taken care of but the total cost of software development is more competitive in comparison with an in-house team.

1. Tell us what kind of developers you’re looking to hire
The more you share, the faster we can help you find suitable candidates.

2. Get a shortlist of recommended developers
We send you a shortlist of 2-3 recommended candidates based on your requirement in 24 hours

3. Interview developers
We will arrange interviews between you and the shortlisted developers. You will get to learn more about their technical qualifications and soft skills before making a hiring decision.

4. Hire your ideal candidate
Talmatic’s hiring consultant will take care of all the paperwork and payment processing, so you can effortlessly start working with the developer directly.

Speed is what Talmatic takes pride in — it typically takes only 24 hours for our clients to receive a shortlist of 2-3 recommended candidates. However, if the request is complex or for niche technologies, it might take slightly longer.

Yes, absolutely!

In case you’re not happy with the developers’ work during the 1 st week of the engagement, you can discontinue any further work with the developer with 1 day notice. This is a good way to ensure that the developer is a good fit.

Talmatic developers are based all across Eastern Europe, with most of them located in the Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland. You can find web and mobile app developers based in Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, Minsk, Krakow, and other cities around Eastern Europe.

Absolutely! You will work with the developer directly once the engagement starts.

You will be invoiced monthly according to the actual hours logged by the developer while working on your project.

Most Talmatic developers charge between $20-35/hour. For long-term engagements, a discounted weekly rate is possible.

You will be charged the developer’s hourly or weekly rate (which already includes our platform fee), and that’s it. There are no additional fees.

We ask our developers to log their hours directly in your time tracking tool. If you don’t want to use you tracking tool, Tapmatic will assist with tracking developers hours.

Talmatic thoroughly pre-vets the IT dev firms before testing their developers on technical and communication skills. Our engineers are not freelancers, which means they work for dev shops and are dedicated to your project only, their salary, taxes, vacations, and training are also taken care of.

If you are not satisfied with a Talmatic developer, please let your hiring consultant know immediately. We will provide a replacement of a particular developer without any additional fee.

As a client, you will own the intellectual property of all paid-for work.

Yes, we provide an NDA to protect the confidentiality of your request. Your developer are also covered under the agreement.

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