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If you are looking to hire top developers in Eastern Europe, you would find Belarus outsourcing as one of the most appealing solutions out there. No wonder: the country is full of high-quality IT specialist and there’s a few possible ways to acquire them. Consider freelance platforms, recruitment agencies but take a closer look at offshore software development Belarus.

Use the Right Model to Hire Developers in Belarus

Offshoring to Belarus via IT Staffing Agency

Choose IT outsourcing Belarus and pick the right staffing agency. No need to waste precious time on technical recruitment or overpay for demanded tech talent. Acquire top-notch developers in Belarus without having to take care of the backstage activities. A smart and modern approach to your IT needs.

Use a Belarusian Recruitment Agency

There are times and obstacles when you just can’t handle the recruitment process but you desperately need to. It makes perfect sense to find a decent recruitment agency to take over your hiring needs. Be aware that by far not all of the available service providers can handle the job properly. Their rates can also be inconvenient.

Freelance Software Outsourcing Belarus

Clearly, you can use top freelance platforms and try to acquire Belarusian developers yourself. Be prepared to face a considerable amount of unqualified applicants though. It actually takes time and only after certain research is done, you’ll be able to outline suitable candidates. Sometimes, those freelancers that fit are too busy due to increased demand and a huge number of possible projects they can choose from.

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Talmatic is our reliable partner, capable of quickly providing the right specialists based on our business needs and requirements. We are more than happy with their service, flexibility, and efficiency. Therefore, we highly recommend the Talmatic team in case you want to hire development team or get assistance with IT staff augmentation.

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What is Talmatic?

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Top-Notch Developers From Eastern Europe
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Simple Taxes and Lower Operational Costs
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Our Process

Send Your TA & Requirements
Send Your TA & Requirements
Detailed Hiring Process
Detailed Hiring Process
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Start Your Risk-Free Trial!
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Communication and Support

Why Hire Software
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The tech industry is the fastest developing industry in Ukraine with an estimated 200K tech specialists working in IT by 2020. Between 2018 and 2019, tech industry exports grew from 28% to 30.2% which amount to $3.2 billion and $4.17 billion respectively according to the National Bank of Ukraine.


Tech Talent

With 200K+ IT specialists on the market, we can find developers with popular and rare tech skills.


Among Contries with
best Developers

Build your product with talented Ukrainian software engineers dedicated to your values and goals.


Fortune 500 companies
chose Ukraine

The best value to money ratio and covers the expenses associated with the attraction and retention of top-notch software engineers.


of Businesses are

You can focus on product development while we will cover legal, administrative, and HR aspects of collaboration.

Hire Available

We are here to make your hiring easy and painless! Our dedicated hiring consultants and engagement managers will support you throughout the whole hiring process

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Alexey S.

Senior angular developer | 10 years of experience

  • Angular
  • JavaScript
Quick-learning frontend developer with a good understanding of all phases of the web development life cycle. Experienced in design and development of web applications....
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Required skill
Dmitry Z.

Angular developer | 5 years of experience

  • Angular
  • JavaScript
Strong knowledge in the IT field. Able to create high quality websites, mobile and TV cross platform applications using the latest development tools and frameworks.Pro...
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Required skill
Vladimir G.

Senior PHP developer | 6 years of experience

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
Technical background education, advanced Linux user. Knowledge of modern frameworks such as Symfony, Yii, Laravel (prefer Symfony). Experience in client-server applic...
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Required skill
Viktor P.

Senior Java developer | 11 years of experience

  • Java
  • JavaScript
Over the last 11 years I have developed a number of projects using J2SE, J2EE, Spring MVC, JPA (Hibernate), Mybatis,EJB, GWT, JSF, JDBC. My core competency lies in dev...
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Photo manager
George Fironov
Co-founder & CEO
  • Skype
  • Linkedin
Our mission

Talmatic is a concierge type service for hiring dedicated developers. Great developers are in huge demand, but in-house hires are expensive and freelancers aren’t always suitable for long term work. We, at Talmatic, providing access to a unique vetted pool of tech talent available for contract hire.

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