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We hand-select from our pre-vetted pool of experienced developers for your requirements and project demands. Talmatic can help you select the right developers and have deployed to your project within 2 weeks.
Get IT resources for your project within 24 hrs OR LESS

24 hrs OR LESS

Our hiring consultants will help you find a programmer you need within 24 hrs.

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Looking for precisely fitted talent for your project needs? We have the proven vetting and matching process to ensure the perfect fit for your dedicated developer.

resourcing service is 100% safe


We ensure your satisfaction. For any reason you are not happy with your selected developer during the initial 30 days, give us 24 hours notice to replace with a new engineer!

Top developers

Sample view of our pre-vetted pool of highly skilled developers and engineers to join your team quickly! We have almost 3000+ pre-vetted developers in our talent pool. Feel free to check out the summary CV profiles that suit your interest to get started today.

Denis M.

Web Developer

Kate S.

Senior Java Developer

Igor M.

Senior Python Developer

Roman L.

Senior Ruby Developer

Sviatoslav M.

Android Developer

Dmytro D.

Mobile Developer

Vitaliy T.

iOS developer

Michael M.

Java Developer

Why choose outstaffing?

Complete control

Complete control

  • When you use outstaffing, you essentially hire new developers. You choose which team to assign them to, what jobs to give them, and you can manage their workflow.
Ease of hiring

Ease of hiring

  • No need to search the whole web for candidates, or check their experience and skills - it’s all done for you.
  • You can pick the developers you need out of a vast database, or order a shortlist of best possible candidates picked for you.
Less complications

Less complications

  • You don’t need to worry about payroll, taxes, or deadlines missed by outsource partners.
Complete control


  • Our outstaffing process has been designed to make things as simple as possible.
  • We find the best candidates for your job openings within 24 hours.
Ease of hiring

Time savings

  • Researching candidates, going through CVs, interviewing, making the right decision - hiring is time-consuming.
  • Outstaffing helps you focus on key business issues by taking away the burden of hiring.


  • Avoid local constraints in terms of hiring or contracting.
  • Pay fixed all inclusive rate without any additional charges.

How to find and hire a developer

It's like hiring in-house... But better
we source, you hire, we manage
hiring consultant

Tell Us Your Requirements

Let us know what kind of programmer you're looking for, and our hiring consultant will reach out to help you find the perfect fit in 24 hrs

Step 1
find a developer

Get a Shortlist of Recommended Developers in 24 hrs

We'll send you a shortlist of 1-2 handpicked developers in based on your requirements. You can review their profiles and choose who to interview, or chat with them all

Step 2
hire a programmer

Interview and Start Your Risk-free Trial!

Interview your ideal candidates and decide who you want to hire as part of your dream team!

Step 3

Outstaffing means simplicity

Talmatic offers IT outstaffing services, which is different from software development outsourcing. How?

Outsourcing is the process of contracting a company, or a freelancer, to do something for you, like building a website, or an app - the whole project from A to Z, without your supervision.

Outstaffing is the process of hiring additional workers, through another company, to join your development (or marketing, or HR, etc.) team and work under your supervision, on any project you delegate them to.

Outstaffing process

The Talmatic process for outstaffing makes it easy for managers to boost software development teams with the expertise, knowledge and skills of experienced programmers.

What do we do?
  • Constantly grow our network of trusted software engineers and designers
  • Provide access to our database to browse for potential candidates
  • Prepare a shortlist of best possible candidates
  • Help you interview, and onboard new developers
  • Provide ongoing support throughout the engagement

The technology industry is changing rapidly, new technologies seem to be introduced every week, and business growth happens at an incredible pace. All this creates the need for a new approach to hiring developers.

The stakes are high. Managers can’t afford to be limited by old ways of doing business, including the burden of the traditional hiring process.

Flexible hiring = more control for project managers

Agile teams need an agile hiring process. Sometimes your in-house team isn’t enough to finish your software product in time, fulfill all project requirements, and maintain quality assurance.

This creates a gap, and for a long time this gap could be filled with one of only two ways: hiring new full time software engineers, or working with freelancers.

Outstaffing combines both of these approaches, giving you a flexible way to hire new developers without the overhead costs of full time hiring.

This enables you to build development teams in a flexible way, and serves your business model by improving your bottom line.

Outstaffing is on the rise

Programming jobs are the hottest ones around today.

The demand for programmers, coders and software engineers is so high, that no city, and no country is able to generate enough specialists locally.

Which leads to one conclusion - hiring developers across the globe isn’t radical, it isn’t a novel idea. It’s the new standard.

Outstaffing, among other methods of hiring, is becoming increasingly popular because it’s cost-effective and simple.

Software companies can benefit from outstaffing regardless of whether they’re building operating systems, focusing on web development, or crafting Android applications.

It is good for companies, as well as for developers. In this line of work, many people prefer to engage in various projects instead of settling for one job for a long time.

Stay on the cutting edge of advanced technologies and platforms

Mistakes in hiring are easy to make. The worst thing a manager could do is commit to hiring a developer for a long-term engagement, and then endlessly regret that decision because the technology stack of the project has changed, putting both the developer, and the manager in a problematic spot.

This can be avoided. Talmatic provides a pre-hiring process for testing candidates, and once they’re hired, the engagement is flexible and can be changed anytime.

Talmatic gathers designers and developers using bleeding edge technologies, as well as stable, standard technologies, to make sure that you’ll find the right experts to meet the unique requirements of your project.

Hire developers experienced with major enterprises

We are here to make your hiring easy and painless!

Our dedicated hiring consultants and engagement managers will support you throughout the whole hiring process