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Alongside all the technologies that we cover, we also provide e-learning software development services. Obviously, in order to build a professional eLearning course, an eLearning developer is needed. At Talmatic, we provide all types of developers, including eLearning specialists. Hire eLearning developers remote right now with Talmatic and build an online course your audience deserves. Such a product has to be built by professionals in order to get a smooth user experience which is important because there should be no distractions that can get in the way of the educational process.

Types of E-Learning Development We Do

E-Learning Web Development

One of the most popular eLearning solutions is online courses. Usually, this means having a website where users can study online. Obviously, such a website has to have a responsive, user-oriented website and also has to show good performance. Moreover, it has to have a good connection with the database and support all the features required for online studying. Such features may include personal profile and cabinet, online tests, communication means, and much more. No wonder e-learning website development is a complicated process that requires a professional approach. Talmatic has the right experts to handle your eLearning website development needs.

E-Learning Software Development

It takes a team of experienced specialists to build e-learning software. Like any other type of software, it has to support a lot of functionalities and work nicely and smoothly. The main goal is to provide all the required features and make it work nice and fast. Such software can have anything your audience requires from online lessons and meetings to authorized tests and certified exams. Still, in order to make it work properly and achieve an amazing user experience, everything has to be done right. Talmatic can build you the eLearning software of your dream, no matter what your specifications, because we have all the specialists required for such a project.

E-Learning Application Development

The most preferable gadget used these days is a smartphone. People spend most of their time using their smart devices. Just the number of available learning apps available to download means a lot. Thus it can be a great decision to build an eLearning app of your own. Such an app would have all the functionalities you need and it can also access devices features like GPS or camera. Basically, this can be a very user-friendly solution that your audience would enjoy using. Still, e-learning mobile app development is also a complicated process that requires a special approach. You can do your e-learning app development offshore with Talmatic right now, and build the app that would open new opportunities for even more people.

Custom eLearning Development Services

Even though almost all eLearning solutions usually require the same list of features and functionalities, sometimes, custom e-learning development is required. This is because there are so many different things that can be learned online and some of them require a special approach. Thus, your online courses and your eLearning app might need something additional like a special testing process that doesn’t allow users to open other apps and cheat on exams. There are many custom features that can be implemented and we most certainly do custom eLearning software development at Talmatic. All we need is to know what you need and we’ll build you exactly what you asked for.

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Lisa Marie Clinton

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“Talmatic is our reliable partner, capable of quickly providing the right specialists based on our business needs and requirements. We are more than happy with their service, flexibility, and efficiency. Therefore, we highly recommend the Talmatic team in case you want to hire development team or get assistance with IT staff augmentation.”

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Build Your Elearning Software With Us and Get

Fully Committed Team of Specialists

Talmatic is a provider of remote software developers and engineers, for example, on our website you can find a magento developers. We have been on the market for more than a decade and thanks to our experience we have come up with ultimate IT staffing services. This means you don’t have to worry about hiring the right IT specialist for your project. We’ll take care of technical recruitment and organize an efficient workflow for your project development. Our eLearning developers would be working only on your project and we’ll make sure everyone stays engaged and you get the results you’ve been looking for.

Safe and High-Quality Development

While the majority of remote thing models would not give you any safety, they also don’t guarantee the high quality of their services. Talmatic, on the contrary, provides you with safe and reliable IT staffing services you get to use on a contract basis. We work only with professional developers and experts in the area so you can rest assured your eLearning project is being handled by the right specialist. We also have enough experience to manage the development process properly, in order for you to get full control without having to worry about micromanagement.

Lower Your Project Development Cost

If you are going to build an in-house team for your eLearning project, you have to expect you’ll need a considerable budget and additional time for technical recruitment. Obviously, hiring freelancers is also not a good way out. What we offer is unique because while we offer reliable and professional remote developers, our services come at relatively low costs. This is because we have a beneficial location in Eastern Europe that lets us provide high-quality IT staff at reasonable and affordable rates. Moreover, our business model would also give you the ability to save on taxes and operational costs. Eventually, you’ll get to reduce your project development costs significantly even though it also depends on your location.

Amazing Pool of Available Specialists

We have mentioned above that we have a beneficial location in terms of salary rates and costs. What even more important, this location also means access to one of the greatest tech talent pools out there. The number of experienced developers and engineers in Eastern Europe is outstanding. This is an amazing advantage, especially if you are facing a local tech talent shortage. Thanks to this, our recruitment times are also much faster. Moreover, our team of recruiters is continually scouring new promising specialists. Stop wasting time on recruitment that doesn’t work and don’t overpay your employees when you can avoid all of that using our IT staffing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to make your hiring easy and painless! Our dedicated hiring consultants and engagement managers will support you throughout the whole hiring process

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You can use our IT staffing services. This way you won’t have to spend time on recruitment and you’ll also get to work with experts in the area. In doing so you’ll also save some money and time.

Depends on who you want to hire. Let us know your project requirements and we will be able to outline what kind of web developer you need. Only when we have more information we would be able to tell you how much it would cost you.

Custom development always costs more than casual. Try other hiring models and our IT staffing services in particular. We’ll help you to reduce the cost without losing quality in any way.

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