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What is BairesDev? Essentially, it’s a well-known outsourcing company recognized for its global tech talent pool and expertise in delivering diverse software development solutions. With more than 1000 projects from multiple industries, the company has firmly established itself in the tech industry. BairesDev reviews and on Clutch highlight the company as professional with a total score of 4,9. Still, if you want to get a more accurate view browsing other portals and forums would be a great idea. In such a way, you would find out that they have rather mixed reviews especially when it comes to their current and ex-employees.

What sets apart is its global reach, currently working with clients worldwide to address their unique technology needs. Their diverse talent pool consists of specialists from various countries but the majority of them are from Latin America. BairesDev is definitely the best Upwork alternative and no doubt one of the biggest players in the software development industry. The set of their services and areas of expertise is impressive so we’ll do our own BairesDev review to get a better understanding of what they claim to be and what they actually are.

It was founded in 2009 by Nacho de Marco and Paul Azorin. As of May 2024, BairesDev has approximately 5K employees across 6 continents, including South America, North America and Europe. — LeadIQ.com

BairesDev Definition and Approach

At its core, the company defines itself not merely as an outsourcing company but as a digital accelerator, orchestrating a suite of services that fuel clients’ digital transformation. This distinctive approach sets BairesDev apart, transcending conventional outsourcing models.

Architects of Solutions

BairesDev transcends the conventional role of a service provider by positioning itself as an architect of solutions. Aside from offering software developers, they can also take part in the initial process of an in-depth examination of a business’s processes. Also, they claim to have the right specialist to recognize business needs and outline what kind of solution architecture is best fit. This strategy is meant to allow them to deliver not just workforce augmentation but strategic insights that drive a company’s growth.

BairesDev evolution
From Software Development to Solution Architecture, image source: BairesDev.com

Team Assembling Expertise

BairesDev boasts a robust lineup of professionals, ranging from project managers to diverse engineers. The company excels in assembling dedicated teams tailored to a client’s project needs. The management and all the organizational aspects will be taken care of and integrated into the client’s business in order to achieve successful collaboration.

They originally started as an outsourcing company with Latin American professionals at the core. The current team is approximately 50% Latin Americans. — StartupSoft

Software Outsourcing

Going beyond traditional team augmentation, it serves companies that experience skill gaps or strive for accelerated progress. Leveraging its extensive network of professionals, it facilitates the hiring process of specialized engineers. This process seamlessly integrates these specialists with existing teams, ensuring a synergistic collaboration that enhances a company’s capabilities.

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BairesDev Reviews
Image source: BairesDev

BairesDev’s Diverse Areas of Expertise


It’s, a versatile technology company, that leverages a comprehensive range of expertise to propel businesses through their digital transformation journey, offering benefits that extend beyond conventional outsourcing models. Let’s take a closer look at some of their areas of expertise.

Outsourcing Expertise

Beyond providing workforce augmentation, BairesDev is adept at outsourcing solutions, addressing specific skill gaps for enhanced project execution.

The global IT industry spends $1.305 trillion per year outsourcing. 74% of businesses use IT outsourcing services. — Smbguide.com

Artificial Intelligence

You’ll be able to find artificial intelligence development services that include machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, chatbot development, custom AI solutions, and more.

CMS Platforms

Expertise in Content Management System (CMS) platforms, facilitating efficient content creation, management, and publication.

Custom Frameworks

With a focus on customization, BairesDev designs and implements tailored frameworks to meet the specific needs of diverse projects.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software development is also on the table. Proper implementation will improve business processes, and increase its efficiency resulting in higher revenue.

Mobile App Technology

BairesDev offers various mobile app development services with a variety of programming languages and technologies to deliver high-performance and user-friendly applications.

Product Design Expertise

Their design specialists focus on creating compelling product designs, combining aesthetics with functionality for a superior user experience.

Over the past 15 years, the company has completed more than 1,200 projects in 100 industries. — Glassdoor

UI/UX Expertise

BairesDev prioritizes User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design, ensuring visually appealing and intuitive digital interfaces.

eCommerce Expertise

In the competitive world of eCommerce, BairesDev enhances digital storefronts, providing solutions that drive sales and customer satisfaction.

BairesDev Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Positive Reviews: They receive positive reviews, signifying client and employee satisfaction, and affirming the company’s commitment to quality services.
  • Legitimacy Assurance: Recognized as a legitimate and trustworthy technology company, it provides clients and employees with confidence in its credibility.
  • Robust Benefits Package: They offer a comprehensive benefits package, fostering employee satisfaction through health and wellness perks.
  • Skill Enhancement Opportunities: The company is praised for continuous opportunities for skill enhancement, supporting professional growth and development.
  • Innovative Work Environment: BairesDev cultivates an innovative and collaborative work environment, attracting individuals seeking dynamic and challenging projects.


  • Mixed Employee Experiences: Despite positive reviews, some employees who used to work there report mixed feelings regarding salaries and project management, indicating that experiences within the company may vary.
  • Project Intensity: Certain projects at BairesDev may have an intense workload, requiring a high level of commitment from employees.
  • Varied Work-Life Balance: Work-life balance can differ across teams and projects, with some employees expressing a need for improvement.

BairesDev stands as a reputable, positively reviewed company with a commitment to employee development. However, it’s important to note individual experiences may vary, and some projects may demand a high level of dedication. Prospective clients and employees should consider these aspects when evaluating BairesDev.

How to Figure Out BairesDev Pricing

The software development service providers seldom demonstrate their rate cards on websites because cost to hire app developer would change depending on many peculiarities, and a vendor would always need to learn more about a client’s needs. What does BairesDev do in this case? Pretty much the same: learn more first, generate an offer next.

One will not see the outline of the prices on the official website, but we can assume that this is a good place to work, as the headcount of BairesDev company on LinkedIn is more than 3,000 employees.

So, how do we figure out the approximate pricing? The Clutch profile claims it to be in the range of $50-$99 per hour. If we want to be more specific, we can go to LinkedIn and see that most of the company’s developers are located in the US, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. Let’s check average annual salaries for those countries.

Programming language

The US









React Native




















Considering the fact that websites like Glassdoor and Indeed gather information about the salaries of engineers, we can assume that a company will charge their clients about 20% more. The final numbers will still vary based on the dev’s location, seniority, tech stack, and the specific expertise a client may require.

When a client chooses between staff augmentation vs IT outsourcing, it will also impact the price, as the headcount, taxes, and other nuances will drastically differ.

BairesDev versus Talmatic


In the realm of software development, the choice between available IT staff augmentation and software outsourcing companies is quite complicated. In this case, you are choosing between a bigger company with more employees and a smaller one but that can guarantee you that you’ll get more attention and a more customer-oriented solution. Moreover, while the majority of BairesDevs employees are from Latin America, Talmatic is hiring app developers in Poland and Ukraine.

Customer-Centric Excellence

Talmatic distinguishes itself through a profound commitment to customer satisfaction. Unlike BairesDev, Talmatic’s approach is characterized by personalized attention, ensuring that its services align precisely with the distinct needs of each client in the complex landscape of software development. The company’s priority is to find developers online which reflects its commitment to sustaining a diverse and skilled talent pool, addressing the industry’s dynamic demands.

Unmatched Flexibility

Flexibility is at the core of Talmatic’s offerings. Businesses in the ever-evolving field of software development require adaptability, and Talmatic delivers precisely that. In comparison to BairesDev, where flexibility might be limited, Talmatic empowers clients to seamlessly adjust team sizes and structures, providing the agility needed to navigate the rapidly changing tech landscape.

Tailored Solutions for Industry Excellence

Talmatic surpasses BairesDev company in offering a more comprehensive and tailored solution for companies deeply entrenched in software development. Talmatic’s approach ensures that clients not only receive skilled professionals but also benefit from a bespoke experience that addresses their specific requirements.

In the comparison between BairesDev and Talmatic, the latter emerges as the unequivocal choice for businesses seeking a partner that not only understands the intricacies of software development but is also committed to providing a personalized, customer-oriented, and flexible solution. Talmatic’s industry edge lies not just in finding coders online but in delivering an experience tailored to elevate the success of its clients in the competitive world of software development. You should also read our Toptal review as it’s one of the BairesDev competitors. Follow us to be the first one to read new reviews of companies like BairesDev.

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Yes, it is generally considered a reputable and well-regarded company.

BairesDev is not a scam, it’s a legitimate business.

It’s an IT outsourcing and software development company that offers a range of services, including solution architecture, team assembly, and software outsourcing.

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