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Empower your business with bespoke blockchain application development solutions.
From decentralized finance to supply chain management,
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blockchain development services

Blockchain Development Process Explained

Kickstart your project with our blockchain application development services and get skilled professionals who are committed to your results. We start by outlining your initial requirements to provide you with the right talent. We are there for you at every phase of your project life cycle.

Consulting Services

As a company that provides a wide range of services, our blockchain project development journey starts with thorough consulting. Our managers assess client needs, define project scope, and outline a strategy. We consult clients on potential solutions, ensuring a clear roadmap and effective implementation of this technology.

Design and Architecture

To get exceptional results, we blend user-centric design with robust technical architecture. In such a way, you get an efficient app with an intuitive interface. The main idea is to create visually appealing and at the same time functionally efficient blockchain applications that resonate with end-users and align with project goals.

Blockchain Development

As soon as we have a clear understanding and a blueprint of the solution, we are ready to start the development process itself. Our developers create scalable, secure, and compatible solutions that empower businesses to gain the full potential of blockchain, driving efficiency and innovation.

Effective Deployment

Our range of services includes an effective deployment process, ensuring the efficient launch of blockchain projects. We implement and configure the developed solutions, guaranteeing a smooth transition from development to a live environment. Our deployment strategies prioritize minimal downtime and optimal performance.

Project Maintenance

We also offer maintenance and support services to ensure the stable performance of deployed applications. We monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize the system, addressing potential issues promptly. Our dedicated developers can help you solve problems that have already arisen or are expected in the future.

Upgrades and Migration

To keep your solution up-to-date it may require some updates or upgrades from time to time. Our experts will provide you with a plan and its implementation for upgrading existing blockchain applications. We can also take care of your migration process ensuring data integrity and minimal disruption.

Our Blockchain Development Expertise

Custom Blockchain Solutions

As a learning IT staffing agency, we have experts skilled in custom blockchain software development which means our clients get solutions tailored exactly to the requirements of their project. Leverage this cutting-edge technology to get a scalable, secure, and high-performance solution that meets your unique business needs.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Development

Have a unique digital or physical asset like an image, painting, stamp, or any intellectual property you want to turn to NFT? Like any professional custom blockchain development services company we can help you to create non-fungible tokens that you can further safely store, trade, exchange, or sell on cryptocurrency marketplaces.

Smart Contract Development

Another type of service that we can offer is smart contract development. It’s a popular term in the blockchain world which is, basically, code usually written in Solidity, Vyper, or Yul. Its algorithm is to execute some actions only when the conditions of the contract are met. Very useful invention for safe payments, transactions, and information exchanges.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development

Revolutionize traditional financial services by using the best custom blockchain application development practices. Our specialist will design, develop, integrate, and support DeDi solutions for you to get faster and safer transactions based on this technology. Make your fundraising transparent or your crypto asset management easier.

Digital Asset Trading Software Development

Like any blockchain software development company, we have experts who are able to create a trading platform for you. Get a safe and efficient solution to buy, exchange, and sell digital assets that include cryptocurrency, NFTs, asset-backed tokens, and tokenized real estate. Get access to real-time data, diversify investment, and enhance decision-making.

Payment Gateway Integration

As part of our services, we do payment gateway integration. This means we can help you outline and integrate the best payment methods including fiat and cryptocurrency. Embedded any popular or practical payment gateways into your workflow. Enjoy the interoperability between traditional and digital financial systems.

Crypto Wallet Integration

Streamline your digital currency transactions while providing high-quality security that includes two-factor authentication, multi-signature authentication, and encryption. Make the transactions faster and management easier. It’s one of our blockchain development solutions so we’ll choose the right wallet and integration method.

Crypto Exchange Integration

We provide expertise in crypto exchange integration. Our solutions enable the seamless connection of blockchain projects with cryptocurrency exchanges, ensuring efficient and secure trading. We design interfaces that enhance liquidity, accessibility, and overall performance, contributing to a robust and competitive crypto exchange ecosystem.

KYC (Know Your Customer) Integration

Recognizing the importance of regulatory compliance, our custom blockchain app development services encompass KYC (Know Your Customer) integration. You can hire blockchain developers to automate identity verification by integrating KYC instead of building one from scratch. Enable fraud detection and avoid money laundering activities with this solution.

Why Choose Us As Your Blockchain Development Partner

Project Development Expertise

As a forward-thinking IT staffing company, we offer the flexibility to hire remote developers, ensuring clients can tap into a global pool of talent for their blockchain projects. We’ll provide you with the best-suitable candidates in order to fulfill all your project’s needs.

Customer-Centric Approach

We’ll actively participate not only in consulting and the development process itself but also in support and maintenance if that’s what you are looking for. Our job is not only to thoroughly outline all your requirements but also to fulfill them while following your vision and ideas.

Experts in Blockchain Development

It’s important to remember that any modern technology is quite versatile. In such a way, depending on your project requirements and goals, the skill sets your team members have to have may vary a lot. We’ll make sure that you onboard those experts who have exactly what your project needs.

Continuous Improvement

Our developers and other team members are constantly growing and improving as specialists. We have been working on our model in order to provide our customers with the best solution and we’re constantly improving it to get even better results.

Offshore Developers Hiring Process

Share Your Goals and Requirements

The first step in our collaboration is to get a clear understanding of what you have in mind. Share your list of requirements with us to help us get a better understanding of what you need to accomplish your goals. Even if you are not 100% certain, do not hesitate to contact us! We’ll be happy to guide and consult you even at the earliest stages of our collaboration.

The Hiring Process

As soon as we know exactly what candidates are to be hired, we’ll start the screening process in order to provide you with the most suitable candidate. We know that soft skills can be as important as hard ones so that’s something we take into account as well. At the end of the day, you get the best CVs to choose from. You can hire overseas developers with us to leverage the best advantages of professional IT staffing service providers.

Employee Onboarding and Integration

Aside from hiring the right specialist, it’s also vital to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible. We’ll guide and take part at this stage to make sure everything goes as planned. Joining a new team and taking a new position usually requires some time but with the right approach, this time can be reduced without losing in other terms.

Project Management and Development

Our goal is your success so we keep in touch after the onboarding process as well. We’ll share our expertise in management and make sure your project development process goes as planned. We’ll help you communicate with your new remote employees and make sure their engagement is high, the deadlines are met and the development process goes as planned.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Blockchain can be used for a wide range of services including cryptocurrency exchange, smart contracts, tokenization, KYC, DeFi, voting systems, data storage, and much more.

As you can see from the services listed above in the post, there are multiple services to choose from. It starts with consulting and ends with custom solutions.

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