The Best Ways to Hire a Developer for a Startup

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We can not overemphasise the significance of quality growth teams for startups. The success of any organisation is defined by its employees. To choose among the promising options of software developers for startups, careful steps and principles are engaged. They range from character evaluation to professional considerations.

In this article, you will find useful things to examine when hiring developers for a startup. With these easy-to-follow methods, developers who can transform your idea into an enviable establishment in the tech society will no longer be out of your reach.


Steps Before Hiring Developers

The 21st-century methods of recruitment for any firm are in continuous evolution, and the most recent and effective of this evolution in recruitment is presented here. It encompasses the startup’s immediate and long-term desires and skills that match those needs or want.

The contrasting relationship between the needs and skills is a big red flag and, if neglected, can result in the perpetual failure of the startup even in its infancy. Some steps to evaluate hiring developers online include:

     1. Make a requirement list for the team.

It is high-yield to prepare the list of the prerequisites to function optimally in a startup because it directly affects the idea’s success. The team you desire to recruit should meet distinct criteria before becoming a part of the vision for your startup.

      2. Roles and the project scope

Distributing the roles within the group based on the project scope is another crucial step before hiring for web development startups. What fields of specialty does the project cover, and on what scale? What if project needs to be a hybrid application? Answers to these questions will help you determine the optimum group size and composition, roles within the group, and the allocation of specific tasks to capable individuals. Moreover, this communicates a desire to explore the maximum productivity in division and specialisation of labour or responsibilities.

     3. Hiring

Finding an effective way to get the right team is the final step: how you conduct your hiring will determine which developers you will get. The traditional resume might not help you identify the best-suited candidate for the specific project you want to work on. Therefore, a more specific and unorthodox approach that values passion and context-aligned skills could serve you better. For instance, hackathons, your LinkedIn network, Github, or even Reddit, Quora, and Stack overflow could give you excellent results. But what are other conventional ways of hiring development teams?


Ways to Hire a Development Team

Below are different ways to hire developers for startups;


     1. Freelance Platforms

Freelance platforms such as Linkedin, Toptal, Freelancer, Fiver, and other great competitors to Upwork provide a network of freelance software developers for a startup. These platforms are some of the best choices for hiring for a startup. These platforms connect recruiters to potential professional development teams. It is cheap and provides a list of developers worldwide.

If you project expansion to other countries, hiring a developer for a startup in the nation of prospect or choice is a wiser step. Their familiarity with your target market’s tendencies and culture will bring valuable insights to the development and general business process. In this connection, you can explore what Bairesdev is and how it helps leverage remote teams in Latin America. Disadvantages of this type of hiring option include difficulty to manage web development for startups, potential troubles with security, cybersecurity, and quality of work or professionalism. Refer to Toptal reviews to assess your possibilities to hire a good freelancer for your project.


     2. Recruiting Agencies

Numerous online and offline recruitment agencies possess various principal software engineers for different specialisations. The agencies vet applicants before presenting them as a good option for any recruiter. This process is fast because the agencies already have a directory of profiled individuals and teams. Hence, they would simply appoint and connect prospective software creators to the recruiter.

If one developer lacks skill or does not desire to walk in line with your vision, the agencies can be readily contacted for a replacement. Although these agencies present the best ways on how to find developers for your startup, they occasionally offer ridiculous charges to provide access or connection with the most suitable members for the startup’s project and scope team.


     3. Remote Team Provider

A remote team provider is a type of recruitment or hiring platform that comprises a team of software creators or managers, managing or executing tasks remotely. Fast recruitment, professional background in team development, a wide candidate pool and ongoing support are some of the advantages of remote team providers, but it is more expensive than getting freelance services.

Read about one of the leading hiring agencies, Talmatic, here. Talmatic has the best service rates.

How to Choose the Provider of your Dedicated Team


It is not enough to be acquainted with how to find a software developer for a startup. You should also be prepared to make the best choice of the team provider. Choosing a provider involves subjecting their claims to scrutiny. Requesting reviews or previous professional jobs could save you from contracting ineffective or fraudulent firms. In addition, ensuring their methods match your preferred process protocol will also save you from future disappointments and displeasure.

Below are some other concerns you need to tender before choosing the provider of your prospective team:


     1. Reviews

Ask for reviews by previous clients, examples of previous works, comments, and opinions of professionals, organisations, and so on. These will put you in perspective of the work history of the prospective provider.

You can also request remarks from third parties who would provide an unbiased analysis of the provider’s work history.


     2. Probation Period

For some, probation periods are not included in the agreement criteria. However, such providers must have tendered reviews or work history that is undeniably top-shelf. Although, this does not mean you cannot request probation periods.


     3. Provider’s Processes vs Recruiter’s Vision

Software engineers have different methods of approaching any given task or responsibility. This can become a future concern for the recruiter if the methods do not align with the startup’s vision.

Startup vision is above all and must be strictly enforced. It is an important determinant of the startup’s future, and task execution is crucial for implementing the proposed feature.


     4. Payment as Discussed

When it comes to payment, every party concerned has their eyebrows raised. Money is powerful. It is the singular driver of economies, the measure of successes, and the sole solver of problems at times.

A web developer for a startup must not be permitted to review payment agreements suddenly. All charges or taxes must be clearly stated in the document before any agreement is made. Else, you risk a damaging brawl within the workforce you hoped will carve a glorious startup.


     5. The Best Option

You may be wondering how to hire developers for a startup, especially python developers in Ukraine. With concerns for urgency and perfect selections. The favourable option for you is Talmatic. As mentioned above, there are various options for contracting software developers, but with Talmatic, you can assemble a perfect remote development team in only 24 hours.

Talmatic is the best IT outstaffing service to hire ukrainian programmer or developer located in Belarus, value-driven engineers, cost-efficient models, and simple business models. With values such as speed, diligence, integrity, and discipline, you should expect nothing less than full commitment and quick problem solutions if you trust Talmatic to gather your perfect teams.


Diligence in the choice of web developers for startups is important for startup operation and scope. It ensures the eventual realisation of goals and vision. So make a wise choice, choose Talmatic!

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