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Ireland remains one of the go-to destinations for businesses in need of top-notch software developers. IT is exceptionally one of the most thriving sectors in the country, with indigenous companies registering a steady growth rate of 39% over the past three years. Foreign firms and multinationals also contribute to the trend registering a growth rate of 23% during the same period.
At present, the Irish IT sector has more than 105,000 professionals, including both full-time employees (FTEs) and freelancers. In this article, we will walk you through the process of hiring top developers in Ireland and compare different ways of doing so.


Options for Hiring Developers in Ireland

Business owners have many options for hiring developers in Ireland, depending on their budget and IT needs. You can explore the following options to start building your next Irish remote team of software developers.


Hire a company

Ireland is home to more than 900 indigenous and foreign software development companies. Software companies in Ireland employ over 24,000 professionals, generating export revenues of up to €16 billion every year.
Unlike an individual, software development companies are more reliable, and usually, there is a guarantee you get results according to your expectations. Outsourcing companies in Ireland already have high-quality developers, established processes, and they know how to dodge the common pitfalls in software development. With the right partner, you don’t have to worry about hiring, training, or managing the developers – everything is taken care of. The only downside to hiring a company is that they can be quite expensive sometimes.


Engage freelancers

A recent study by Close Brothers Commercial Finance revealed that nearly half of businesses with operations in Ireland prefer freelancers to companies when outsourcing IT services.
For this reason, the number of software development freelancers in Ireland is on the rise, reaching 327,500. This is quite a large pool for finding the right developer for any scope of software development. As Bairesdev review highlights, going for freelancers also sounds like a good plan if you want a professional with flexible rates and working hours.
However, working with freelance software developers can be hectic sometimes. For instance, poor communication between both parties can lead to quality inconsistencies. Also, outsourcing companies in Ireland tend to be better at planning than freelancers.


Find suitable developers on Upwork

Upwork is a leading freelance site for finding the right talents for your software development needs. Hiring through Upwork or Upwork alternatives saves you the stress of trying to determine if a developer is credible. In addition to a thorough evaluation process before allowing someone on their site, Upwork also shows important details to evaluate a writer, e.g., their experience, total earnings, and portfolio.
All that said, getting developers via Upwork does have its disadvantages. For one, the site will refund your money but still deduct a percentage of the freelancer turns out to be unreliable.


The average price for hiring software developers in Ireland

Generally, the average salary of a software developer in Dublin is relatively affordable, depending on the scope of work involved. Here are some of the typical rates:


Full-Stack Developers

You can hire a full-stack developer in Ireland at €65,000 per annum on average. This translates to about €33.33 per hour, or even less, depending on the level of expertise. For instance, entry-level full-stack developers can expect to earn €59,250 annually while experienced professionals would count on €80,000 per year.


Front-End Developers

Most businesses hire front-end developers in Ireland for €55,000 per annum, translating to an hourly rate of about €28.21. Even so, experienced front-end developers can charge up to a yearly rate of €75,000, especially for rigorous projects.
Alternatively, you can save outsourcing costs by going for Irish entry-level front-end developers who would ask for €47,500 per year.


Back-End Developers

Many back-end developers in Ireland charge an average yearly rate of €65,000, translating to an hourly rate of about €33.33. A software company in Dublin that goes for highly-skilled back-end developers can pay up to €80,000 in yearly rates while entry-level professionals charge up to €60,000 per year.


Mobile and Web Developers

Businesses can hire Irish developers to build mobile, web or hybrid apps. The rates for developing Android or iOS apps may vary. That said, the average cost of hiring an Irish developer to build you a simple utility app ranges between €1,000 and €5,000. An API-driven app can cost up to €50,000 while gaming platforms cost between €10,000 and €300,000.

The Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers in Eastern Europe

The сost of hiring a software developer

Hiring remote developers from Eastern Europe by IT staff augmentation services can be profitable for your business on the brighter side. Some of the benefits that you’ll experience include:



Most countries in Eastern Europe are still developing economically and have very low costs of living compared to the US and other western countries. Ireland ranks 16th and the US ranks 28th on the cost of living index whereas Poland ranks 82nd position and Ukraine, 121 consequently. The lower the living expenses, the lower the salaries and office space. To put this into perspective, office space costs $220 per square foot/annually in the US, whereas in Ukraine, it costs $108 per square meter/annually, literally less than half.


Developed IT Staffing Industry

The less time you spend scouting for the right software developer, the lower your hiring costs. Eastern Europe has more than 1,217 outstaffing firms to match your business with the right talents within the shortest time possible. Outstaffing companies only reach out to dedicated and experienced developers with higher experience in any demanded technology – Ruby or PHP, or else. Thus, you can rest assured quality and efficiency won’t be a hindrance to your project.


Wide Candidate Pool

The whole of Eastern Europe IT industry has a talent pool of about 1.3 million software developers. A bigger chunk of this number thrives due to the region’s high demand for outsourced IT services. That means thousands of developers are waiting for you to initiate a working conversation.


High-Skilled Developers

Eastern Europe is home to multinational software companies such as Apple, IBM, and GlobalLogic. Of course, these companies can build in-house teams, but instead, they opt to outsource to Eastern Europe, thanks to high-quality developers available in the region.
Besides major IT outsourcing companies, Ukraine is also known for its tech startups, namely Grammarly and Depositphotos, taking the world by storm. With a large pool of IT professionals and many events and programs that nature the talent, Eastern Europe boasts not only the numbers but also high-quality. So, there is no problem with hiring a software developers in Ukraine, for example, find python programmer.


Time Zone Convenience

Eastern Europe is in a suitable geographical location with a flexible time zone (UTC +2) for doing cross-border business with the rest of the world. For instance, you can schedule meetings and business calls without having to pay off-hour rates.

Talmatic is Your Best Option for Outstaffing

Talmatic not only offers remote development teams but goes the extra mile in managing them as well, making sure you don’t have to worry about anything on the ground. We can access top-notch talent in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way, saving you from the hassle of browsing endless freelance sites.
Reach out to our team today and build an agile, offshore team of software developers for your business. With our services, you can access local-based managers with robust experience resolving issues effectively with remote development teams in Eastern Europe.

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