Should You Hire Developers in Ukraine Remotely?

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If you would like to know how to hire developers in Ukraine and how it can help your business, you have come to the right place. First of all, let’s talk about hiring remote software developers in general. Why does this solution gain popularity and how to use it properly? It would be a good start before we outline why you would want to hire developers from Ukraine.

Remote development is booming in the IT industry. Anyone who has tried hiring remote software developers knows that this market is a mixed bag. Finding decent candidates was already hard enough, but now there are hundreds of thousands of them from all around the world to choose from. If you don’t want to scour the whole web in search of the right remote developer, it’s better to use a more effective strategy. Just like in marketing, targeting a specific region or group of people might help you find the right person much faster.


Is Hiring Remote Software Developers a Good Idea?

Let’s start with the advantages and disadvantages of hiring remote software developers regardless of where you hire them from. When is it a good idea for managers to consider hiring remote software developers?

  • There are no local developers for hire with the necessary skills;
  • The company doesn’t have the budget to relocate and hire full-time developers;
  • The project is experimental, success is unsure, or it’s only an MVP to test the market;
  • Cost-efficiency is crucial to the project.

Technology has given employers easy access to global talent pools. It has become commonplace for industry leaders to take advantage of this access. But despite the booming popularity, hiring remote developers isn’t a silver bullet solution for all the business woes that IT managers face in their projects. Remote work has a unique set of challenges:

  • Communication can be tricky;
  • Project management requires a different process and approach than for in-house teams;
  • Remote work has to be correctly accounted for in the company’s books, and sometimes international and local laws aren’t 100% clear on how to settle intellectual property or payment issues.


There Is a Lot to Consider

Technology has made it very easy. The most important part of it is the ability to build projects from A-to-Z using cloud infrastructures and safe remote access. There is also an abundance of easy-to-use project management software out there (Trello, Slack, Monday, Zenkit, and the list goes on and on). But applications can’t replace strategic managerial thinking, it’s something that only people can do (at least for now). So if you’re able to work out the above challenges, and you’re not afraid to put down the phone and manage projects through email, skype, slack, or whichever digital communication platform you choose, then hiring remote workers has ample benefits:

  • Development and HR cost reduction;
  • Less time spent at in-house meetings;
  • Increased team efficiency;
  • Measurable worker output;
  • Flexibility in increasing/reducing team size.

Every manager has to consider the unique context of their business, and decide for themselves whether hiring remote software developers is a good decision. To give an example of a situation where it’s rather hard to rely on remote developers, think of FinTech startups working in close cooperation with banks, or RegTech startups working with governmental organizations. Both of these examples include dealing with confidential data that requires the highest level of security. This means there is no place for mistakes, nor communication problems.

On the other hand, managers that oversee such projects usually have significant financial backing, which means a big enough budget to simply relocate developers to work in-house. Still, outside of FinTech and RegTech, it would be hard to find examples of situations where remote work is not beneficial. Later on, in this article, we’ll explain why hire developers in Ukraine but let’s talk about statistics now.

How Popular Remote Work & Remote Developers Are?

We have listed a few facts about the remote workforce in general. For example, according to Forbes:

  • 74% of professionals expect remote work to become standard;
  • 97% of employees don’t want to return to the office full-time;
  • 61% of employees prefer being fully remote;

Remote work has already been enough popular but with the pandemic going on, the percentage of workers around the world that are permanently working from home is expected to double in 2021, according to a survey from U.S.-based ETR – NEW YORK (Reuters). This is actually what happened in 2020, at least in the IT industry. The Covid has changed the remote work trends.


source: Statista


We can clearly see that the number of companies that want to work from the home the whole week has doubled since the pandemic started. Few people are sure they don’t want to work from home at all. Also, fewer people want to work from home only one or two days per week.


IT-Staffing Companies vs Freelancers

It makes perfect sense to presume that whenever people are talking about hiring a remote developer, freelance platforms is the first thing that comes to mind – just review Toptal as an example. Even though this is a very popular solution and hundreds of people are using these platforms as competitors to Upwork in hiring freelancers that does not mean it’s the only option nor it means it’s the best one. So, these are the main disadvantages of hiring a freelancer:

  • a huge number of unqualified candidates;
  • high competition for freelancers with good portfolio and feedback;
  • no guarantees that your timelines will be met
  • no guarantees that the job will be done with the right quality;
  • the more team members are freelancers the harder it is to manage the team;
  • demanded freelancers with outstanding profiles don’t come cheap;
  • poor communication.

Those are just the common issues that you might face when you are working with a freelance programmer. In case you have a small job to do or a very limited budget for it, you can take the risk and try finding a responsible freelancer to do it for you. Otherwise, you should really consider using an IT staffing agency instead. It’s still a very affordable solution. Actually, it could help to save up to 60% of your budget. Meanwhile, you won’t have to face the issues we have listed above. Instead, you’ll be able to leverage IT staffing benefits:

  • a huge pool of candidates that have already proven their skills;
  • a simplified recruitment process that doesn’t take much time and doesn’t require much effort from your side
  • your staffing provider ensures the efficiency of the employees you hire;
  • well-organized project management and workflow;
  • no poor communication, no missed deadlines;
  • relatively low paychecks and the best price/quality ratio;
  • employee retention and support from your service provider;
  • flexible model, scalable development teams.

Obviously, it doesn’t make any sense to waste your time going through hundreds of thousands of freelancers looking for the right one for you just to save a little more while you can have it done by professionals and still get to do your project development at lower rates.


Eastern Europe as an Outsourcing Destination

Initially, India was the main outsourcing destination. It’s still the most popular one but it’s definitely not the best one. It’s obvious that the location directly affects the price. Thus, India ebbing a country with an extremely cheap workforce would be a willing solution in terms of saving money. Still, companies that prefer high-quality solutions would never choose it. Basically, you would want a location with the best price/quality ratio. This is where Eastern Europe comes in. You won’t have problems finding professional developers with years of experience there. By the way, the salary rates are also relatively low. No wonder countries from Eastern Europe are considered the best IT outsourcing locations.


Hire Eastern Europe Developer

The number of software development companies and IT staffing agencies in Eastern Europe is outstanding. So, it’s not that hard to find the right service provider according to your needs and capabilities. This solution is a good choice if you need to hire remote developer or even if you need a whole team of various IT specialists. When local recruitment doesn’t work, choose a reliable IT staffing agency. Start the development possess right now! While you are still hesitating, hundreds of companies are hiring Belarus or Ukraine outsource programmers and we’ll explain why.

Ukraine and Belarus Are Main IT Outsourcing Locations

Eastern European countries like Ukraine and Belarus are considered to be the best IT outsourcing destinations. Booming IT industries, hundreds of thousands of high-quality IT specialists, and considerably lower salary rates, especially in comparison to the USA, the UK, or Switzerland. The time zones are convenient enough. Depending on your location, you could have from a few hours per day to almost a whole day of working time together. Developers from Eastern Europe are usually better at communication and often have a good level of English.


Belarus and Ukraine Programmers for Hire

A lot of developers from these countries have joined Silicon Valley and created startups that have worldwide popularity. This is thanks to the fact that IT careers are very popular and the education level is really decent. It means a huge number of graduates is produced each year. Moreover, the tech talent pool out there consists of mane highly experienced and skilled programmers you will simply not be able to find locally. This makes Eastern Europe right for your IT outsourcing needs. For example, you can compare ruby vs PHP language, then hire the best programmers from Ukraine and you would save both money and time in doing so. Eventually, you’ll get an employee located in Ukraine but fully committed to your project.


Talmatic as Your Reliable IT Staffing Partner

In case you are looking for Ukrainian coders, you’ll face a huge amount of IT outsourcing companies. Talmatic, as a leading IT staffing provider, offers a reliable and flexible hiring model. Our solution is suitable for companies of all sizes among various industries. Have an agreement based on a contract. It won’t restrain you in any way though. We keep our services flexible and adapt to the needs of each customer.

Just take a look at our pool of candidates and you’ll see that we have all sorts of developers. We have experts skilled in different technologies. Hundreds of top-notch programmers are waiting for a new project to join. Our recruitment process is fast and smooth. Our recruitment team is outstanding. Thus, we have the means to hire the right IT specialists according to your criteria in a short time.

We also take care of employee retention. This means we have all sorts of activities including team buildings, meetings, and even corporate particles. So, you can be sure your remote employees stay efficient, committed, and focused. Moreover, we’ll help you to organize effective communication and workflow. Basically, we take care of the backstage activities because they are almost completely handled for you.

Our services are affordable. We have the ability to provide IT specialists at low rates. This is thanks to our beneficial location. Moreover, there’s also a way to save additionally on operational costs and taxes. So, hire software developer Belarus or Ukraine at the most convenient terms on the market.

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