The Role of RPA Development in the Current Trends

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What is RPA?

RPA or robotic programming automation is a form of BPA (business process automation) that is based on software robots or artificial intelligence. The RPA solutions are used to solve routine daily tasks. In the RPA can be included partly the ML and AI algorithms whereby some part of tasks can be done autonomously. The RPA software companies can assist with small software to solve the unit issue as well as create the infrastructure of different solutions.


What type of tasks can be solved with RPA?

  • Repetitive tasks.
    If your company has permanent tasks like copy-paste, document collecting or so on the RPA solution may assist with them. Such an option will help to save the man-hours and speed up the whole process.
  • Manual job.
    The biggest part of a manual routine job can be switched to robots. This way your employees will have more time for specific tasks.
  • Protection from human mistakes
    The addition to the previous paragraph. Manual routine jobs are leading to some mistakes just due to the human factor. RPA can solve this trouble once and for all.
  • High-volume
    Have a big pool of tasks and need a big number of employees? The RPA can assist and save your money.
  • Processes scaling
    You may use RPA in situations when your business is growing and the whole task is growing. One scenario can be used for different departments and solve similar needs.

So if you notice that some areas are underperforming, there are some bottlenecks and your employees have a lot of manual, repeated tasks RPA team can solve this.


Who is an RPA Developer? RPA Developer Roles and Responsibilities

The robotic process automation developer is a technical person who has analytics, PM skills as well as technical. The robots are used on different scales, there is a separate infrastructure for them. So due to seniority level, RPA developers can develop just a few solutions or an example to create the ecosystem.

The RPA developers can have the next responsibilities.

  • Designing the business process for automation
  • Preparing the project documentation
  • Development, designing, and testing of the solutions
  • Deployment of new components
  • Support of infrastructure and already launched solutions
  • Quality Automation processes
  • Business and Data analysis

What skills are required for an RPA developer?

  • Analytic skills
    As a business analyst, the RPA developer should identify the problems or tasks that can be solved with robotics. The developer should understand the market, know about already developed competing solutions and create the documentation.
  • Specific tools knowledge
    Deep knowledge of specific tools for the RPA process like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, WorkFusion is required.
  • Strong problem-solving skills
    The RPA developer tasks overlap with the responsibilities of a business analyst. The skill of problem-solving allows us to look deeply and as a consequence solve the issues.
  • Deep knowledge of programming languages: Java, Python, C/C++, .NET
  • Basic knowledge of ML and AI
    The RPA is mostly robotic but there are some situations when the better will be to add some ML or AI possibilities into the process. The developer with such experience can find more effective solutions for businesses.


How much does it cost to hire an RPA Developer?

The salaries for IT specialists are different for each country. An example: the average cost for RPA Developer in the USA is $80K per year in France it will be $42K. That’s why in the process of hiring developers a very useful case is looking for remote employees. This way you can save more budget for your project without the quality decrease

This chart displays the average salaries for RPA developers in different countries


As a provider of dedicated remote teams, Talmatic can easily find you the best-matching candidate just for your project. We are working with talents from Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Belarus) so the cost will pleasantly surprise you.


How to build an RPA Development team?

There are a few options of how to hire RPA developers or an RPA team. Let’s describe the pros and cons of each:

1. The independent search
Is a great option if you have enough time and are ready to spend some time finding a perfect candidate. Otherwise, you have to pay by your or your tech lead just to prepare the shortlist of the best candidates. Your team can also refer to freelancing platforms to find RPA developers, for example, explore how Toptal works or which Upwork competitors would be a better option.
2. Recruitment agency
This is a more expensive but faster process to hire IT developers. The agencies already have a pool of candidates that can fit your requirements. But you still will be included in the selection process. Also, the agencies often ask to pay impressive fees for each candidate.
3. Outstaffing team
Last but not least. Outstaffing companies have a big experience with providing a remote dedicated team. They already work with a pool of candidates. Due to the experience, they also can prepare a great shortlist which will save you money. You will reduce expenses on additional taxes and fees and will pay only definite costs. Explore additionally what nearshore development is and how it can help your team hire a skilled RPA developer.

How can Talmatic help with recruiting an RPA developer?

Talmatic has been a dedicated team provider for more than 5 years. We support businesses with their needs and have more than 3K candidates in our pool. Our professional recruitment team can find the matching candidates in 1-2 days.

To have more information contact us and let’s build your business together!

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