Who is the IoT Developer? And How Does the Internet of Things Work?

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Who is an IoT developer?

It is hard to imagine the modern world without smart things. An example the 35.6 million Americans are using a voice-activated assistant at home. A lot of industries are using smart solutions to control some parts of business processes: smart greenhouses for farming, robots for delivery, biometric security systems, etc.

The IoT – internet of things industry is an IT field that focuses on the development the software for “smart” devices. The “thing” in IoT can be different – from smart home appliances to implants, biochips, and so on. The main task of IoT is to compare different devices in one ecosystem for data sharing and create new functionality of habitual things.

The IoT app developers – are technical specialists who are targeted at developing the software for devices connecting. IoT engineering also is responsible for the development of platforms, software, and devices.


What tasks are IoT developers covering?

It is hard to say that the main responsibilities of the IoT engineer are… Due to the variety of industries, the duties of each individual developer can be different. In general, the primary task is creating devices, software, sensors, AI, and ML algorithms. Let’s consider possible tasks for IoT developers:

  • Development of the IoT components: devices, software, sensors, etc
  • Designing, development, and testing of IoT devices
  • Development the systems that allow the devices to function
  • Connectivity management
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Researching and creating the documentation


Why do businesses need IoT Experts?

Every business is targeted on the effectivity raising and process automation. That’s what the IoT programmer can exactly do. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of IoT implementation and/or development.

  1. Efficiency improving
    The manufacturing sector is a great example of how IoT changes businesses and helps with huge tasks completed. The smart things help with remote monitoring, supply chain management, real-time machine monitoring, KPI compiling, predictive repairing.
  2. Data collecting
    Data is one of the most improving things in business. The amount of information that connected devices bring is tremendous. Companies that are using sensors and devices are going to be strong competitors. One of the simple examples is shopping centers and shops where it is counted the number of appliances.
  3. New demand and trend creating
    It is easy to be one step ahead of the competitors with IoT solutions, combined with the knowledge of what nearshore development is and how to use it in IoT. You can create a completely new demand at being the first who is covering it. A simple example is smart cars with autopilot. There are a number of examples at the network where systems cleverly dodged danger. Such possibility has created absolutely new demand in the automotive sector.

Which Skills the IoT developers should have?

As we talked about there are different directions for custom IoT development services. There are specific requirements for each of them. But there is some common ground.

  • AI and ML.
    The IoT area supported huge data. The IoT developer should be able to process and interpret patterns predicting. Also, businesses are focused on AI, machine learning, because understand the possibilities of these technologies. So AI and ML knowledge is a key point for IoT specialists.
  • User Experience knowledge and UI design
    The possibility of intuitive use, as well as perfect connecting and functionality, is the mark of the perfect product. Understanding UI/UX principles is an important skill for IoT developers.
  • Security
    As we talked about above at IoT permanently collects big Data. So the security of the IoT is very important. Successful IoT solutions rely on efficient communication across secure networks.
  • Frameworks and Languages knowledge
    There is a list of popular technologies like RoR, React/React Native, Phoenix, Ruby, Python, C/C++, Scala, etc.


IoT Developer salaries in different countries

The salaries of internet of things developer depend on the countries he is living in. Thus if you want to find developers online you need to know the range of salaries through different locations. An example due to the Payscale the average rate of USA developers is around $108K per year, at the same time $77K in Canada, and $36K in Ukraine. So choosing the right location is a method of budget-saving without quality decreasing.

The chart above displayed IoT developer salary in detail.


How to find the best IoT developer?

There are a lot of possibilities to find an IoT developer as well as offshore python programmers. Generally, the business is hiring on its own or using freelancers’ platforms, recruiting agencies, and dedicated team providers. Each option has the right to live. Explore what Toptal is or how upwork competitors work if you are going to hire freelancers. You should choose depending on your needs and capabilities. We have prepared a detailed overview which you can find here.

From ourselves, we can say that one of the most convenient options is to use an outstaffing provider. The type of collaboration like resource and staff augmentation allows businesses to save costs, speed up the process of hiring, and find the best matching talents. Also, IT-staffing providers have a wide experience with team hiring and onboarding.

Why Talmatic?

Talmatic is a reliable provider of dedicated development teams. For more than five years we support businesses with their needs. We are not working with contractors and freelancers, our technical pool is comprised only of specialists from software companies. Thus, you can be sure, of the reliability and trustworthiness of provided services.

Have any questions about IoT expert hiring or need a consultation? Contact us and we will help you ASAP!

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