Why is White Label Software a Great Option for Businesses?

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Investing in custom software for your business is one of the smartest moves any company can make; however, you must do it right. Instead of investing loads of money and time in building software from the ground up, your business can take advantage of white label software development, one of the fastest and equally affordable alternatives out there. Let us run you through the whole concept and why you can trust us with building your white label (WL) app.


What is white-label (WL) app development?

This is an app built by an external team, like nearshore development team, and subsequently resold to a different company that rebrands the app to make it look like theirs.

A custom application is an alternative to a white-label app. However, custom app development is typically pricey and takes a long time before deployment. White-label web development services are usually patronised by businesses that want their application but are working with tight development budgets and limited timeframes.


Why do companies use white-label software development?

      1. It’s cheaper.

Businesses like startups that may not have substantial financial resources would benefit from white-label web developers. You get to save the expense of hiring front- and back-end developers, designers, project managers, and so on, when using resource and staff augmentation. The expense for these apps is lower than expected because white label application developers typically charge companies for just a fraction of app development costs. They can do this because they sell the WL programs to multiple companies, sharing app development expenses.

      2. It can be faster than normal development.

Companies typically have to wait longer because the application is built from scratch with regular app or website development. The time increases significantly when the company decides to use freelance services to build a product and the Toptal review confirms this. But when you choose WL software, you skip the waiting period and get your business app ready in no time.

      3. Reducing time to market.

The speed that white-label web development services offer enables companies to reduce their deployment time. Instead of spending weeks and months trying to hire coders online and then waiting to launch your app, all a business needs to do after buying a WL app from us is customize it to suit their unique preferences. Hence, they can quickly make the app unique to their business and launch, reducing the time to market manifolds.

      4. No need for post-release maintenance.

The white-label software developers carry out any maintenance your mobile or hybrid app might need in some instances. So you do not need to worry about dealing with bugs and routine maintenance.


Tasks and responsibilities of the WL development team

     1. Customizing a WL app for particular business purposes/cases

Certain features within the app have to be modified to accommodate the business’s specific needs and stay within its brand. The development team will also adjust other aspects like theme, color, etc.

     2. Producing relevant technical documentation

The team will anticipate that your company might have questions regarding the software’s functionality and need a guide on using the software. In turn, the developers will compile documents explaining product features and any other important information your company would need to be aware of.

     3. Monitoring the latest tech trends and making adjustments to the app according to them

WL software, although generic, still has to be up to par with the latest technological trends. The white-label application developers will continually keep track of changes in the tech scene and update the app when necessary. This would help ensure that the app can compete effectively with others in the market.

     4. Monitoring the app performance and making improvements

As stated earlier, WL development teams do not just leave the app after selling. They will monitor and periodically improve the app to enhance its functionality and value. 

     5. Consult the client on any compliance issues related to the use of a WL app

Assuming your WL software is health-related, the development team will discuss with you concerning adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They will also address any other compliance issues before the app is launched.

     6. Providing tech support to partners and end-users, in some cases.

Technical support is also handled by the company providing white label development services in some instances. 

     7. Managing the security and reliability

Security and data protection are handled by the developers as well. With the massive rise in data breaches worldwide, you need to ensure that the white label app developers protect your data from malicious intent. At Talmatic, we spare no expense to make sure we deploy the most secure and updated security measures. You can contact us now to make more inquiries concerning your white label software development.

Best white-label development practices

Making responsive web design

There is a wide variety of Internet-enabled devices these days. To ensure your users have an optimal experience within your software, Talmatic optimises the layout for the software to be optimised to fit the screens of any device used to access it.

Building effective infrastructure

The backbone of every functional and efficient app is its infrastructure. At Talmatic, we pay special attention to the app’s infrastructure to ensure that the software efficiently carries out essential functions and tasks such as workforce integration, data analysis, internal recesses, etc.

Developing and designing restful APIs

Our white label website development services come with deploying a well-designed RESTful API. Representational State Transfer (REST) API is an approach to software communication in web service development. It typically uses HTTP requests to access and utilize data.

Continuous development and continuous integration through continuous test automation

Talmatic builds WL software with scaling in mind. This is a significant concern for most WL app skeptics. However, we pride ourselves on designing software that allows continued growth and integration through automatic processes.

Developing a solid security policy

Securing your data is paramount at Talmatic. Our airtight security policy protects all our clients from any virtual attack, as well as our routine security checks and updates.

best white label practices

How can Talmatic Support Building a White Label Development team?

We at Talmatic have an efficient team of dedicated software developers and designers. With experience building software with equally varying functions, our team can handle your business’s white-label software development by hiring offshore programmers with great skills and knowledge. All you have to do is state your needs and preferences, and we will bring together a team well-suited to your company.


WL software creation is an approach with multiple benefits for your business. It is an expense-efficient and time-saving move for your software needs. If you’re considering developing your WL app, get in touch with us for a call.

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