Software Development for Edtech Industry

Obviously, building such software and using modern technology on such a project requires a special approach and assistance from experienced and skilled IT specialists. It’s not that easy to find and hire an educational software developer with experience in building something like that and skilled in the specific technology stack. First of all, you have to have clear technical requirements in order to understand what kind of developer you are looking for exactly. Once you have a list of requirements that can be applied to all the possible candidates, you actually can start the recruitment process. Talmatic can take over your technical recruitment for you and provide you with offshore Edtech developers for hire right now.

Offshore Edtech Software Development

Hire Educational Software Developers Online

Educational software can be built using different tools and programming languages and it can have a wide range of very different functionalities. In other words, Edtech software can be very different which is why it’s not clear what kind of developers are required on your project. Still, we are hiring all types of programmers and we have enough connections to satisfy your technical recruitment needs. This means that you can hire an Edtech software developer right now with Talmatic and you won’t have to worry about recruitment and other backstage activities required to start the development process itself.

Hire a Dedicated Edtech Software Developer

We provide IT staffing services which means we not only find and hire developers for you but also organize everything for you to be able to easily manage and control the development process yourself. Any developer you hire works exclusively for you and only on your project. Thus, you get full commitment and engagement from our programmers. Also, we help you with communication and workflow in order to get highly manageable and efficient remote workers. Check out our list of dedicated Edtech developers for hire and contact us even if you don’t see the developer you’ve been looking for in the list.

Extend Your Development Team With Offshore Edtech Developers

If you have a ready team but the only part that is still missing to start working on your Edtech project is the developer, you are in the right place to start with. We can set you up with developers that fit your criteria. Moreover, our developers perfectly work with in-house teams and we can organize the workflow in such a way that is the most convenient for you. Hire an Edtech software engineer online with Talmatic right now and get the most out of remote hiring. We will provide you with the IT specialist required for your project and you will have full control over the development process.

Offshore Edtech Development Center

Edtech software development, just like any other software development, is a complicated process that requires proper project management and efficient collaboration between team members. Talmatic can build you an offshore development center you will be able to use for your Edtech development. Basically, we hire specialists required for your project and gather them up in a team. The key is to organize everything in such a way so you could have ease of management and communication as well as full control over the process. Such a team works from the office of a service provider, from our office, but for you and only under your leadership.

Case Study

Lisa Marie Clinton

Ukrainian Developers For “Avail Support”| co-founder

“Talmatic is our reliable partner, capable of quickly providing the right specialists based on our business needs and requirements. We are more than happy with their service, flexibility, and efficiency. Therefore, we highly recommend the Talmatic team in case you want to hire development team or get assistance with IT staff augmentation.”

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Main Advantages of Offshore Edtech Development

Outstanding Tech Talent Pool

Building Edtech software is possible only with the help of experienced and skilled programmers. Moreover, depending on your technology choice, you would need completely different types of developers to do it right. Rest assured that Talmatic will cover your technical recruitment needs because thanks to our location and professional team of recruiters we have access to the most demanded developers and even rare specialists with extensive and unique experience. Just let us know what your requirements are and we will set you up with the top-notch tech talent from Eastern Europe.

Lower Your Edtech Development Cost

Aside from the fact that our location gives us the ability to provide you with the tech talent you might not even be able to acquire locally, we also have the best price/quality ratio out there. Taking into account the difference between average salary rates in different countries, we know our location is beneficial in terms of hiring IT specialists. First of all, we have access to an amazing tech talent pool and we hire developers at relatively low rates. This means we can hire an experienced and skilled developer at affordable rates and you get to work with an expert in the area without having to overpay for it.

A Special Approach To Technical Recruitment

Only when we have a clear understanding of your project requirements, we would be able to outline the most suitable candidates for the job. We never offer or hire developers you don’t really need and we always make sure that the screening process was made according to your requirements and needs. We have an amazing pool of available for hire developers and our recruitment team has enough connections to find you the perfect developer for your project. We will conduct a technical interview in case the new hire and our HR specialist will make sure the candidate has all the soft skills you desire.

Safe and Reliable IT Staffing Provider

We work on a contract-based agreement so you can rest assured all your demands will be satisfied. Forget about low-quality developers, poor engagement, or communication because that’s not how we do it. We have taken every detail into account and come up with an ultimate hiring solution. You no longer need to worry about recruitment or onboarding each time you need to hire an IT specialist. Still, you get full control over the development process and there’s no need for micromanagement. Build your Edtech software offshore with Talmatic and get the most out of modern remote hiring.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to make your hiring easy and painless! Our dedicated hiring consultants and engagement managers will support you throughout the whole hiring process

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It usually takes about 1-4 weeks to build an offshore development center from scratch but it really depends on your requirements. If you need a simple web development team, we would probably do it much faster. In case you need a team of different IT specialists skilled in different areas, it would probably take more than 1 week for us to do it. We can tell how much time we need only when we know what your requirements are.

The cost of your Edtech development depends on many details. In order for us to name even an approximate cost, we need to know your project requirements. Still, our IT staffing services are cost-effective and the cost is usually a little higher than working with freelancers but still less expensive than building an actual in-house team for the same.

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