Everything You Need to Know About Finding an App Developer in 2023

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how to hire an app developer

In modern times, apps are an essential part of almost every project. People use them for everything from playing games to paying their bills. However, augmenting your business with a mobile program isn’t always straightforward. If you want great results, you need to take the time to actually build a fantastic app.

To create a program that appeals to smartphone users and adds value to your business, you need to work with a quality developer. How do you pick a good developer? Have you ever tried a nearshore development model to develop an app? Keep reading our guide to learn all about how to find an app developer that can create the perfect app for your needs.

Follow These Simple Steps to Find an App Developer

how to find an app developer

When it comes to launching apps, a good mobile developer can make or break your project. Their input affects everything from how the program functions to what it looks like. The right developer will ensure that your app is easy to use, has lots of great features, and looks fantastic.

However, with so many different people trying to sell their services as app developers, it can take some time to find a good candidate. Fortunately, learning how to find developers to build an app doesn’t have to be exhausting or confusing. Just follow these five steps to ensure that you pick the best developer for your mobile design.

Figure Out Your Goals and Budget

Before you can start looking for app developers, let’s say mobile app developers in Poland or Ukraine, you first need to figure out what you’re actually asking for. It’s hard to know how to hire an app developer if you don’t know what services you want them to provide. Think about the scope of the project and consider how many people will use the program. Consider whether you want to hire Android developers or hire ones who can work on multiple systems. Finally, decide how much you’re willing to pay. Once you have these details sorted out, you can start considering your options.

Decide Whether You Want to Work With a Freelancer or a Development Lab

One of the first steps is deciding where to find app developers. Some developers are employees at labs that contract their skills out to interested companies. That is exactly what Bairesdev is suggesting for their customers. Others work independently and offer their skills through platforms such as:


  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • LinkedIn


Both styles have their own pros and cons. Freelancers are often more affordable and can be extremely creative, just refer to Toptal review to find the right one. Meanwhile, development labs like Aloa or Goji are better than Upwork and make the process a little easier for companies new to mobile development. They vet all developers for you and provide you with help figuring out how to hire a programmer for an app.

Look Up Testimonials and Portfolios for Popular Developers

If you’re still figuring out how to find someone to build an app, client testimonials are a great place to start. Testimonials are useful because they give you a quick snapshot of what it’s like to work with the developer. They’ll give you insight into things like whether the developer meets deadlines and how well they do at incorporating feedback into the project.

Next, if you want to hire skilled offshore developer, take a look at the developer’s listed skills and work experience. See whether they have any formal training and learn which types of code they’re comfortable working with. Even if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge yourself, checking out programs they’ve created previously gives you a good idea of how well they do their job.

Discuss Your Project With the Developer

Once you have a list of possible coders to hire, you need to actually meet with them. This can be a casual email exchange, or it can be a formal, in-person interview. Whatever method you pick, you need to talk with the person to make sure they’re a good fit. Describe your project in-depth and make sure to discuss these topics with the developer:


  • How long it will take them to complete the project
  • Whether they’ll provide technical support after the project is complete
  • Whether they help with design or just handle the software side of things
  • How they will handle bug testing
  • Whether they want to be paid in milestones or paid upon completion
  • Create and Sign a Formal Agreement


No matter how much you like and trust the person you’ve selected, you should never rely on a handshake agreement. There are a lot of ways things can go wrong during the process of learning how to find a programmer, so you need a contract that clearly lays out each party’s expectations and responsibilities. Most development labs will provide a contract for you, but if you’re working with an independent freelancer, you might need to create a contract yourself. No matter who drafts the contract, carefully analyze it to make sure it includes precise details on deadlines, payment methods, and duties. Once you’ve both signed, congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the steps for how to find an application developer and hire them for a job.

Tips for How to Pick an App Developer

As long as you follow our five steps for how to find a mobile app developer, you’re off to a good start. However, we get that the process can feel a little complicated to those who don’t spend a lot of time hiring tech experts. To further simplify the procedure, we’ve compiled a list of helpful hiring tips. By following these tips and doing some prep work, hiring someone to build an app gets a lot easier:


  • Ask yourself what you want to get from the app. Consider who will be the main customer and why will they be using your program before you start thinking about how to find a developer for an app.
  • Brush up on your own technological knowledge. You don’t need to know how to do everything yourself, but it’s helpful to understand some basic terms before you start hiring mobile developers offshore. You might even want to find a glossary of commonly used terms like C++, agile development, and user interface, so you can discuss the subject confidently.
  • Talk to financial analysts to find the financial implications of the project. Get an idea of how much money the app can make you and how much it will cost to run, so you know how much to pay for it.
  • Check with your coworkers to find people who are interested in the mobile project. Try to build a team of people who may want to have a say in how the app is designed or how to maintain it in the future.
  • Don’t forget that design focuses on things like features and looks while development is all about the coding that makes the app work. Not all application developers handle design, so find out what you need help with before you begin.

Key Things to Look Out for When Learning How to Hire an App Developer

how to hire an app developer

Good mobile application developers usually have a few key traits in common. Make sure all mobile app development services you work with have these attributes:


  • Experience: Mobile development is a skill that takes a lot of time to hone, so make sure you find someone with a lot of experience building apps.
  • Excellent communication: You’ll spend a lot of time talking with the person so make sure they’re easy to communicate with. Ideally, they should reply to messages promptly and know how to explain complex ideas clearly.
  • Creativity: A creative developer is more likely to provide you with a one-of-a-kind product that addresses your unique needs.
  • Flexibility: Especially if you want to collaborate with the person, make sure they aren’t too set in their own ways.

Essential Skills Every App Developer Should Have

The most time-consuming part of how to hire a programmer for an app is simply finding the person with the right skills. For best results, make sure the person you hire has these skills.

Programming Skills

When discovering how to find an app developer for a startup, make sure you hire a person who knows common languages like Java, Kotlin, C#, Objective-C, or Swift. The right person will be able to choose the best language for your project and write code that is easy to maintain. Consider whether you want to hire iOS developers or ones who work with other operating systems.

Project Management Skills

Don’t hire someone who needs you to guide them all the time. They should be able to work independently and efficiently. For a bigger app, it might be wise to select someone with management skills and the ability to delegate.

Technical Skills

To make things as seamless as possible, hire a person who can handle basic technology like mobile devices and internet connections. You don’t want a developer who constantly needs IT’s help to perform simple tasks. Good programmers can handle cross-platform development and website integration.

Benefits of Using Talmatic’s Outstaffing Services for App Development

Talmatic makes it a lot easier to discover how to find an app developer. Our IT outstaffing service ensures you only hire the best of the best. We carefully screen all developers to find quality candidates who are right for your job.

In addition to providing access to experienced app developers, Talmatic also simplifies the whole hiring process for you. We can guide you through each step of finding and hiring a developer, so everything goes as smoothly as possible. People who work with us can be confident they’ll end up with a great app.

Ready to find the ideal developer for your mobile app? Contact Talmatic today to learn more about how to find an app developer in the UK.

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The cost of hiring an app developer depends on the complexity of the project and the experience level desired. With our comprehensive network of vetted, experienced professionals, Talmatic makes it easy to find qualified and budget-friendly developers. Our instant quotes make it easy to get started right away with your app development. There are no hidden costs, as all fees are clearly stated upfront, so you’ll never get caught by surprise.

The cost of a mobile app depends on a variety of factors, including the complexity of the project, the location of the development team, and the overall timeline. According to all these factors, an app can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $500,000. In order to ensure your app is developed to your exact specifications, Talmatic identifies and manages these elements.

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