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Skilled software developers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe are recipients of their excellent work in the era of software development. Companies are always searching for software developers, and Talmatic is one of the most significant sources in Europe that provides best-in-class developers as per their client’s requirements.

An outstanding contribution to the IT outstaffing industry with impeccable time management skills and cost-effective solutions helped Talmatic achieve a prominent position in the list of top software development companies in Ireland on the GoodFirms platform.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Talmatic’s CEO to learn more about the company and its values. This article by GoodFirms aims to highlight the successful journey traveled by the CEO of Talmatic – George Fironov.

The inception Story

George begins by sharing the early days of his career when he used to work as an operations manager in various companies in the logistics industry.
He has worked in Ireland and UK, where his professional networks often asked him to help find suitable remote developers. He researched outstaffing requirements in Europe and started a company that could provide better staffing solutions with reasonable fees and hassle-free experience.

Whatever George learned from his previous organizations and all the related skills he developed helped him establish a reliable and scalable staffing organization. This is how he came up with the idea of starting the company!

Talmatic specializes in providing talented and affordable software developers committed to bringing profitable innovations and transformation to your businesses. They have a solid network of more than 2000 skilled and experienced developers from Ukraine and Eastern Europe.


Talmatics Business Model that Differentiates From its Competition

George mentioned that the company follows a staff augmentation arrangement instead of the traditional in-house business model. This model provides clients with a completely remote and dedicated team that works under minimal supervision and is committed to achieving measurable results.

They possess highly qualified and experienced offshore programmers for hire, as the Talmatic recruitment process is designed for best-in-class developers in their domains.

He also said the hiring process is flexible and hassle-free, distinguishing Talmatic from its IT staffing industry competitors. The combination of reliable and transparent communication during the hiring process is unmatched. The process is faster with zero risk and provides a developer within 48 hours. There are fees once the candidate is hired by the client.

The company ensures that each candidate goes through a series of tests which helps to select the right talent according to their client’s needs.


The below reviews on GoodFirms show how Talmatic works with its clients.

IT outstaffing

Talmatic’s Services And Industries They Serve

George talked about the IT staff augmentation services that provide dedicated tech specialists with a hassle-free experience process. This augmentation model unlike freelancing as Toptal review shows, is the most suitable for businesses looking for remotely qualified and skilled IT professionals regardless of location.

The company works with diverse clients across various industries, including fintech, healthcare, manufacturing, eLearning, eCommerce, and education; more than 30% of clients stay for over three years. Talmatic’s customer relationship management team ensures that their clients keep coming back to them and receive the same level of satisfaction when hiring a coder or a team of developers.

Talmatic excels in providing the following:


  • Dedicated development team
  • Offshore developers
  • Staff Augmentation



Flexible Payment Structure With Professional Customer Service

Talmatic offers their customers two pricing models: Time and Material. The clients pay hourly rates and provide dedicated teams every month. The rates include the developers’ salaries, taxes, accounting, and staffing services. The company charges 40% lower and no additional hiring charges compared to in-house team arrangements.

Also, they provide a monthly payment structure after clients approve their hourly reports.

George mentioned that the team is always available to help and support clients 24/7. The team utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as CloudOps, SaaS, and VPN/VPI, protecting the project against security breaches. To keep everything smooth and steady, they use remote tools that include Jira, Slack, and Zoom to enhance the communication line with the customers.

Talmatic development team


Budget-Friendly And Cost-Effective But Not Cheap

When asked about budget and the minimum & maximum price range to hire developer online, George said the company usually works with small to medium-sized businesses and startups. Mostly, the minimum budget requires $10,000 or more, which depends on the type and duration of the project with its unique business requirements.

However, the financial team is always open to discussing potential budget adjustments, even if the client’s budget does not meet the minimum requirements.

In 2022, the minimum price was $30/hr, and the maximum was $69 approximately. The project’s prices differ as per the level of IT professionals, the complexity of the project, and the timeframe. Talmatic’s financial experts ensure that each client uses their services at as reasonable rates as possible without compromising the quality of services.

Talmatic customer retention

Lastly, George shared the company’s next ten years’ plans. Talmatic’s talented team will continue to provide faster and more reliable staffing solutions to their clients. They are determined to keep going and growing, improving their skills to find top-notch and suitable developers for every size and shape of business on a global scale.

You can also go through this detailed interview on GoodFirms.

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