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2amigos is a software development company that is specialized in creating relational applications. They are a boutique agency, and their development capabilities are located within the established limits. 

A sudden peal load might be devastating for agencies like 2amigos: the necessity to cover unforeseen development needs might result in unexpected business losses.

Another issue is that hiring in-house developers might not be the best option. Bringing a full-time employee (FTE) on payroll can help you cope with a temporary spike, but as soon as the peak load comes to resolution, you’ll get a potentially wicked problem.

Hiring software development professionals via Talmatic makes some of your troubles disappear. The advantage of using a staffing agency is that you wouldn’t need to worry about employee retention, taxes, sick leaves, and other social benefits. 


Full-stack developers are great for ensuring that every part of the system runs smoothly. However, excellent coding skills are not enough to make great teamwork. It’s also a matter of whether a newcomer would be able to blend in with the existing team. 

1. Team extension perks

There is always a challenge of adapting to the existing practices, frameworks, and routines. Talmatic was on the look for a candidate with outstanding English skills, Scrum experience, and, most importantly, the ability to get used to the timezone differences.

2. Meeting changing demands

It was important for Talmatic to hire someone who would be able to join the project for six months, despite the absence of a stable amount of working hours per week. The candidate had to be able to withstand both peak loads and downtime too. 


Thanks for accommodating our requirements. It totally didn’t make any sense for us to hire a developer in-house as we were not sure about the project duration at a time. Luckily, agencies like Tamatc can help you solve your staffing issues and avoid overpaying at the same time. By all means, highly recommend them!

Matt Tabin, Co-founder & CEO @ 2amigos Consulting
Hire devs from Ukraine

Value delivered

2amigos made the decision to go with Ksenia – a full-stack developer with a significant emphasis on back-end technologies.

   1. Easy onboarding 

Talmatic helps ramp up a project effortlessly, effectively resolving any communication and other issues down the road. That makes the onboarding process quick and painless. 

   2. On-demand team

Talmatic accommodates your development needs effectively, so you only pay for the actual working hours you use. This option is excellent for businesses that need incremental development resources. 

Why Talmatic

Talmatic helps businesses optimize their investment of time and efforts into finding suitable candidates. We can trust us to do the heavy lifting and focus on working with the remote developers we hire on your behalf.  We’ve been delighted to be able to assist 2amigos and look forward to further collaboration!

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