The Pros and Cons of Hiring Overseas Developers

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there will be a 22% increase in software developer job openings in the United States between 2020 and 2030. These growth rates are much higher than the average of all occupations, which is likely to create a deficit in programmers, inclining more companies to outsource or outstaff their software development projects.

If the thought of hiring developers overseas has crossed your mind, chances are you have a couple of questions on how to go about it.

This article focuses on overseas development, how to hire an overseas programmer, and how it works—the good and the bad.
Let’s delve into the specifics.


What is overseas development/programming?

Overseas programming is a business strategy that involves trusting a third-party team or a company abroad with your software development projects to reduce operational costs.


Main Reasons to Hire a Developer Overseas

Various companies have their unique reasons why they hire overseas programmers. Some of the most common include:


Finding New Talents That Are Not Available Locally

With the current and project shortage of available software developers, your company may encounter challenges in finding the ideal talent for your development project. Furthermore, if you decide to work with in-house programmers, you might settle for ones available locally, even if they do not possess the technical expertise relevant to your scope of work.

Additionally, if you find a qualified one in your country, they must be able to move to your locality (in case your company doesn’t have a remote-first culture) as soon as possible. In this case, outsourcing is an excellent option.

When you hire programmers online and overseas, you reach out to an infinite talent pool. Since you can employ globally, getting highly qualified professionals perfect for your development project is a guarantee. If your project requires, let’s say, an offshore sharepoint development center you can quickly gather a distributed and highly qualified team – you just need the right partner to assist you. Talmatic is a staff augmentation service from Eastern Europe that matches you with a team of high-performing web and app developers. Click here to find out more.

Focus on the Main Tasks of your Business Instead of Finding and Hiring Talents

The IT department has a lot on its plate, from ensuring all business computer-based systems are working seamlessly to safeguarding sensitive company data. Coding an application in all its glory is complex. Programming needs undivided attention and simultaneous efforts from the entire development team to minimize the risks of developing an improperly functioning application full of bugs.

Furthermore, developing an application from planning to deployment is time-consuming, not forgetting software testing that needs to be done at different stages.
By hiring developer online, you surrender all these tasks to a team of capable professionals. You also eliminate the tedious tasks of finding and hiring talents, which frees up time that you can leverage to handle other mission-critical tasks.


According to US News, the average software developer in the United States made $110,140 in 2020, with the best and lowest-paid making $140,470 and $84,020, respectively. Generally, software development is the 5th best paying job in the country, hence hiring one for a long-term project might set you back a couple of hundred dollars.

On the other hand, overseas developers are not as costly. Take the example of Ukraine.

According to Glassdoor, hire a software developer in Ukraine will cost montly $3,000, which translates to $36,000 per year. Even with a bit of compensation, the amount is only a fraction of what the same developers earn in the United States.

So, as far as cost-reduction is concerned, outsourcing allows companies to access cheap overseas developers who are equally talented—if not more.
Furthermore, overseas web developers are not entitled to employee benefits such as insurance covers, bonuses, holiday pay, profit sharing, etc. You can also cut down on overhead costs such as hiring expenses and office supplies.


When you hire web developers overseas, it gives you the flexibility to scale up and down as needed.

If, for instance, you need server-side programming for a small business app, you can easily hire one or two highly-skilled python app developers with comprehensive experience in the task. In contrast, if you have a bigger project, involving, let’s say, PHP or Ruby stack, you can quickly increase capacity to cater to the bulging workload and ensure smooth sailing.

Such flexibility in software development is instrumental as it minimizes project bottlenecks, assures the client of functional applications, and prevents the downfall of a promising product.

Main Reasons to Hire a Developer Overseas

How to find overseas developers?

If you were wondering how to find a good overseas developer, you came to the right place. Below are some of the approaches you can try.


Freelancer platforms

Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Outsourcely, and some other alternatives to Upwork are some freelancer platforms where you can readily find talents for your software development goals, especially if you have a low budget.

However, such websites for hiring overseas developers come with a myriad of drawbacks and Toptal reviews confirm them. For starters, they are packed with junior software developers who may not be the right fit for your project. The prevalence of fraudsters and fake reviews are only a few of the other common inconveniences you might face finding software developers on these websites.

Word of mouth

Another tactic you can leverage to hire an overseas programmer is by word of mouth. Talk to other business people in your niche, your friends, and acquaintances – communicate your intentions.

Creating an employee referral program is also a great way to spread the word that you need to hire IT developers. Employees, especially those who have been working for a couple of years, can also be well connected.

Searching for professionals by word of mouth is a cheap strategy. It saves time and significantly reduces the cost per hire. However, it can be overly unpredictable: since word of mouth advertising is only limited to the people you speak to, it becomes a challenge to cover all the bases in terms of finding the ideal programmer.

Outstaffing companies

Outstaffing is a viable option if you are scouting for the best place to find overseas developers. An outstaffing company builds a dedicated team of software developers who have hands-on experience on your project, whether it is a mobile game, IoT Software or hybrid application. These overseas app developers operate from the outstaffing company, which provides the necessary resources and handles payrolls.

Furthermore, outstaffing offers a flexible hiring model that allows for scalability when the need arises. You also have complete visibility of the project and total control over all development processes despite being abroad.

Time zone differences and ease of communication are major causes for concern for companies considering outstaffing. However, outstaffing companies utilise online tools and other technologies to streamline communication. For example, tools like time converters and digital calendars allow scheduling meetings across different time zones. Also, with the infinite number of instant messaging platforms available, communication is now seamless.

How Talmatic can support your business

Talmatic is one of the best IT resourcing service providers, assembling a dedicated team of high-performing programmers to cater to your software development needs within 24 hours. The company takes a customer-centric approach, offering unmatched support as they guide you step by step on how to build an overseas developer team.

Talmatic has a systematic and rigorous vetting process. Before setting up a team, they will do due diligence, looking beyond their technical acumen and considering the candidate’s problem-solving skills, learning and adapting abilities, time management, and interpersonal skills. Of course, all these qualities should align with what you seek to ensure you get your perfect fit.

Being an authority in its niche and having been in operations a couple of years now, Talmatic has a wealth of experience in .NET, Angular, Python, Backbone.js, you name it! They have all the resources and tech stack needed for any development project. Furthermore, they offer a free-risk trial—that’s how confident they are!

To Sum Up

Among the numerous ways to hire web developers overseas, outstaffing offers the best benefits with negligible risks. You put top talent to good use and access innovative resources at pocket-friendly prices.
Are you searching for the best way to find a developer overseas? Look no further than Talmatic.

Contact us today to grow together!

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