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What Is Offshore Outsourcing?

In this article, we are going to cover all aspects of offshore outsourcing. A lot of things can be outsourced and offshored. This blog post covers offshore software development. Before we get into any details, let’s get a better understanding of this term. To put it simply, offshore outsourcing is the process of relocating your business processes, tasks, or, at least, some of them to another country. Obviously, offshore outsourcing destination has to have advantages and more convenient terms. Thus, such a country has to have either lower salary rates and more convenient tax terms or more IT specialists that are available on the market.

Offshore Software Development Popularity Explained

The nature of IT offshore outsourcing makes it a very appealing and popular solution among entrepreneurs. Companies have been outsourcing their IT processes for decades now but this particular approach turned out to be even more convenient. Actually, according to Fortunly, the IT sector is embracing offshoring faster than any other industry. More than 50% of technology executives use offshore application and offshore software development services! This makes perfect sense as the advantages your business can leverage from this solution are more than just promising, they solve a lot of problems.


Plan Your Budget and Stick To It

Among the most significant pros of offshore outsourcing is budget flexibility. If you have tried building an in-house team, you must know that it takes a flexible budget. There are many unexpected expenses related to this process. Meanwhile, when using an offshore development company to find developers online you can easily plan your budget. It’s easy because there are no hidden fees and all the rates are fixed. You can build your offshore development center or for instance, find CSS developer in accordance with your financial possibilities. Launch and finish a project without exceeding the budget!


Save Your Money

First of all, the offshore development rates are relatively low but that does not mean the quality is poor! The most popular reason to choose offshore outsourcing is, probably, because it costs less but quality stays the same. Any country or even a city has a different salary rate. This difference makes a huge impact on the popularity of the location as an offshoring destination! Some of the countries that have the most appealing IT offshore outsourcing terms are Ukraine and Belarus. Aside from lower paychecks, you can also expect much better tax terms. Eventually, the cost of our app or software development goes lower than usual! Get a fully functional website but for a lower price and at shorter terms by using offshore web development services.


Excess of IT Specialists on the Market

If the local market doesn’t supply you with enough tech talent, you would have a hard time hiring an expert. Qualified programmers are in high demand so you would have to face huge competition to acquire one. Of course, there are a lot of freelance platforms like Toptal, Freelance, and other platforms better than Upwork ready to suggest plenty of developers for hire but there are also hidden risks of trust and job quality. Thus, you’ll end up spending weeks or months headhunting. It still doesn’t mean you will finally make the hire. Meanwhile, an offshore outsourcing software development company will have no problems providing you with the workforce required. Have an offshore software development center with experts in fields like QA, design, programming, and so on. Don’t let local tech talent shortage stop you!


Almost Instant Requirement

Stop spending weeks and months looking for experts locally or via freelance platforms like Toptal company. Share your recruitment needs with a service provider to get it done for you. Once you get in touch, you’ll be informed how much time and money it would take to set you up. In most cases, you don’t have to wait as the company already has the staff you need. Even if that’s not the case, such an IT staffing company would have enough connections which means the recruitment would not take as much time as usual.


Delegate Backstage Activities, Focus On Your Business

While casual recruitment requires your attention and effort, offshore IT outsourcing doesn’t! It’s more convenient because you no longer need to supervise everything, including recruitment. Let qualified specialists do it for you. You don’t lose control over the situation in any way. You are still in charge of what’s happening but there’s no need to micromanage everything. Despite the fact that it’s a remote model, rest assured that the workflow, as well as the communication, would be efficient. The development process is also very clear so you can track the progress at any stage.


Adaptable and Flexible Offshore Software Development Services

Having an in-house team can be beneficial but it certainly does not offer much flexibility. These days any project can take a different direction due to new trends or uprising technologies. You won’t be able to adapt in no time as it requires a lot of effort to re-shape your current team. Meanwhile, an offshore development center is as flexible as it gets. It’s easy to extend it with additional employees. You can also simply remove the ones that you don’t really need anymore, or even replace the whole squad with a new one. No wonder this solution is often chosen by fast-growing companies or startups.


You Get a Quick Start With an Offshore Development Center

There are no delays and you can launch a project right away. Just imagine how much time and money you usually waste to find, recruit and organize a team. Simple web development is a process various specialists participate in. Instead of hiring each of them, you can go with offshore web site development. There’s no need to postpone your project development anymore, get things going with a ready team that is waiting on your project. Moreover, the sooner you launch your project the faster you will get your profits.


Is There a Perfect Offshore Software Development Company?

According to Clutch, Ukraine has the biggest number of IT software development companies in Eastern Europe. Poland is right next to it but the booming IT industry, affordable development rates, and well-known high-quality programmers make Ukraine much more appealing. Obviously, the more companies are registered on Clutch, the more companies in the country are available for hire. We have gathered some statistics to see which countries have more presence on Clutch.

number of software development companies

You can see the number of software development companies that are available in each country. The bigger the number is, the more options for you to choose from. Still, it’s not the only thing you have to take into account. Think of the following things when making this choice.

How Many People Do You Want to Hire?

Yes, this hiring model is flexible but let’s see how much. If your existing team is understaffed, you can fulfill it with hiring overseas programmers. You can hire any amount of specialists! If you need just one programmer or a QA, that’s completely fine. Obviously, the more team members are offshore, the more beneficial it is for you. Outline your project requirements. Don’t forget to include budget, timelines, and desired team size. Everything will be done in accordance with your regiments. There’s also no limitation in terms of how big your team can get. Actually, the more the merrier.


Need to Hire ASAP?

We know that there are situations when every second counts. First of all, some of our specialists are available and you can hire them with a few clicks. Also, our recruiters are monitoring the local market so we are always aware of the current situation. Thus, we keep connecting with more people and our team continually grows. Moreover, our recruitment technique is honed and your participation in it is simplified. All we required from you is some information and your cooperation. The ret is on us.


Reputable Staffing Partner

The right choice is the initial and the most critical step to take to have a successful offshore software development experience. Our job is to supply you with the staff you need, meet all the requirements you provide and do it as fast as possible. We also know how much reputation and quality feedback mean. After years of hard work, we have several cases that we are proud to share. Hear about us from other people to get a better idea of how seriously we take things here. Our principles are simple – we value our customers and we do the job honestly!



Is There a Perfect Outsourcing and Offshoring Destination?

The top reason for outsourcing (70%) is cost reduction – source. So, there’s no wonder that India remains the #1 outsourcing location. While in terms of cost reduction it is indeed very appealing, it’s vice versa if the quality is taken into account. More than 90% of Indian developers are not qualified to do software development at high quality. Most definitely, the price/quality ratio is the main criteria when choosing the offshoring destination! Software developers in Eastern Europe have relatively low average salary rates. Meanwhile, the quality of their work is considered to be very high.

Programmers from Belarus and Ukraine have a decent English language level and better communication skills. This is definitely important because communication is the key to successful workflow organization.

The time zones are convenient. It does depend on your location a lot but when we are working with customers from the USA or the UK we usually have around 5 hours per day when we are both online. This is actually pretty good.

Our IT specialists are extremely professional. They are always open to new possibilities and continue to master their skills throughout their whole career. This means you can expect any developer to be able to learn and gain experience. At the end of the day, our workforce is interested in doing the job properly.

Talmatic Is Your #1 Choice for Offshore IT Outsourcing

Our IT specialists are skilled in numerous technologies. They are open to joining a new project as of today! Need some tech guys to do something for you? Our team will gather up an outstanding squad and it would not cost you a fortune. You will have our assistance and support right from day one till the very release of your project/product. Get flexible terms and a contract-based agreement. Choose us and we’ll help you grow and increase your profits. If you have anything you want to ask, contact us right now and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


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